Chapter 18: Sad endings?

Chapter 18: Sad endings?


I burst through the rooftop door with Nevaeh following behind me. “Cassia, wait!” Nevaeh calls out. I turn to her as my tears pour down my face. “I’m sorry, Nevaeh, I need to go. I…I can’t do this right now.” I croak out. Nevaeh’s face pales with sadness.

“Please, Cassia, you can’t do this. I know Mathias loves you.”

 “No, Nevaeh, he doesn't love me. If he did, he wouldn’t have stood in front of the woman he really loved without giving me a second thought. I’m done with this. He has hurt me for the last time.”

Nevaeh moves back with tears gleaming in her eyes and enfolds me in her embrace. Tightening my arms around her, I nod to Mikhail. “I know you mean well, Nevaeh, but Mathias and I are over.”

I’m about to leap from the roof’s edge when a large form rams my body and tackles me to the groun

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