Chapter 46

Kieran came out wearing ripped jeans and a shirt with the two buttons on the top open. Kieran was lean and tall. His slender legs packed with muscled and his long hair fell on his shoulders. He was very handsome with his pitch-black eyes that would turn red whenever he fed. Shannon stood and admired him as he spoke with Tia and telling her that they are leaving and making arrangements as to when they will meet again.

Austin appeared around the corner where he was helping the troll in the burning of the bodies of his kind, he had on ripped jeans with a muscle top, he was a bit shorter than Kieran but not too short, the has broad shoulders and huge arms showing off his werewolf strength. His hair was cut short in a beautiful haircut, he had beautiful ocean green eyes.

Shannon looked at her mates and could not help but thank the Goddess for the blessing. Her mate looked handsome and more importantly, they were hers. A year ago, she wouldn’t even dream of having a ma

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Shannon sure doesn’t act like a Royal Goddess, she let all those people die & doesn’t speak up when Kieran disrespects Austin. He has never  Referred to Kieran as a bloodsucker unless he calls him a dog first & he’s never asked her to reject Kieran! Based on that alone she should reject Kieran!!!!!

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