“Bella, what did I say about you not letting the heart stop beating before you stop feeding on the animal?” asked Kieran frustrated but Bella shrugged. “It was beating a few seconds ago before I let it go, it was very slow though but technically I did not let the heart stop beating before I stopped feeding.” Answered six-year-old Bella with her green eyes glittering with amusement looking at her father.

She was a beautiful young girl, fit, fast, greenest of eyes you would ever see, strong and mischievous with long black hair. Her father sighed when she answered without a care in the world. “Why do you always have to do that?” asked Kieran looking at his daughter.  “It just feels so good when I feel their heartbeat getting slower and slower under my palm as I feed on them.” She answered with a smirk.

‘Goddess! She is such a beast.’ Kieran thought looking at her moving away from him inspecting the dear she

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great story, just some grammar errors to fix
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I really enjoyed this book
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very nice....
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