Day 9 I owe my life from you

Early in the morning she stands by in the door room of Sergeant Herrera, she wanted to know if he is awake, she felt that she has a responsibility to do and she wanted to give thanks to the Sergeant for saving her life. Finally the door open she approached a nurse who was coming from the room of the Sergeant. She was then, allow her to enter into the room to visit the Sergeant. She waves at the Sergeant and get close to him.

"Hi". She greeted the Sergeant.

The Sergeant smiles at her and greeted her too.

"Hi hard headed woman, what are you doing here"?

"Well, I am here to visit and to say Thank you for saving me."

The Sergeant just nods and smiled at her saying nothing.

"How are you feeling Sir? Are you okay? Is there something hurt? Continuously ask a question to a Sergeant.

" I am fine, don't worry about me, it’s just a wound. "

" Seriously? Just wound? I think you're enduring the pain".

"Well, this is my job I sacrifice myself to save other lives".

Chyrill gets quiet from what the Sergeant said. She just nods and smiled. She brings some fruits to the Sergeant that she gets from the kitchen of this camp, she has no money to buy fruit for him. She sliced the apple and gives it to the Sergeant Herrera.

"Here, take some I bring this to you, ohh I mean I get this from the kitchen.

" Really? Thanks, hope they didn't notice you in stealing those fruits".

"Ohh... I didn't steal it, I asked for that".

Sergeant Herrera laughs, she was like a little child explaining from the accusation she didn't do. She just giggled and laughs a little from the Sergeant joking.

After an hour of staying at the Sergeant room, she decided to say goodbye and promised that she will get back in the afternoon for the meanwhile she need to go to the North Simpkins Place, she had promised to the kids that today she will teach them to read and write.

She is helped by the soldiers to load the things she needed,. When the children saw her, they run coming over her and everyone has a smile on their lips they are so excited to learn. She handed books, other learning materials, crayons and coloring books for the kids. She gives it one by one to the kids and she starts to teach them to read A, B, C and writes their name, little kids enjoying in coloring the books she gives to them. After the soldiers loaded all the things and some packed foods for them, she was left at the North Simpkins and staying until the afternoon, she also teaches a song to think that the children enjoyed it much. She used to play with the children and they shared the food she bought.

She helps to cook food to the people of North Simpkins all the people there was happy with what she has done for them even thought she don't understand much their language and it’s hard for her them to speak in English she was able to talk with them slowly.

The hours move so fast she didn't realized that it was getting dark, she packed her things so that she will be ready to back the camp once the soldiers returned to pick her up. But the minutes of waiting turns into hours it was getting more darkened.

Sergeant Herrera keeps looking at the clock it was past 5:00 in the afternoon, he feels excited every time the door of his room opens, but, suddenly it was his men that visit him in the room, he was expecting Chyrill to visit him this afternoon, his smile faded away every time that he doesn't see Chyrill to come and visit him, he had missed that woman even thought she gives a headache from the day she was being here.

He waited a long hour to Chyrill, maybe she was busy and enjoying much staying with the children of North Simpkins. Until it gets midnight no sign of Chyrill coming to his room that he expected. He ordered his men to look at her room, he wanted to know if she is safe and rest in the hour.

One of his men comes back to his room and saying that Chyrill was not in her room, he forced himself to get up and he wants to go in her room. He helps by his colleague to stand and bring him to Chyrill room, they suspected that she was getting escape. They checked her belongings, but all her things and belongings are still in there.

He orders to search all the area and asked his men if they had to pick up Chyrill in the North Simpkins Place. He radio the one soldier in charge to look an eye for her.

"Where is She?" he asked for the one of his men who is in charge.

"I left her at the North Simpkins, she belongs there she has no place here, she only causes problem to all of us".

His ears throbbed at what he heard he pulled out a gun and aimed it at his colleague.

"I think you don't know what are you talking about officer Robert" he shouted at his man.

Sergeant Herrera quickly gets out of the room and ride in the car, he starts the car engine and he decided to go at the North Simpkins even if his arms are hurt and he can't move as easily he will go back to that place and he will make that she will bring back Chyrill on the camp.

A moment later he was at the Place of the North Simpkins people, place are quiet and he sees a fire afar and a woman who has a covered herself a silk satin cloth. He moves closer and lit a flashlight to the woman who is sitting beside a barn fire. And he was never getting wrong, it was Chyrill who fell asleep, he moves closer to her and approached her. Chyrill startled with she feels that there is someone touches her shoulder.

"It's me... Sergeant Herrera don't be afraid".

She started to cry and trying to hold her tears at the moment she see Sergeant Herrera.

"I was waiting here for long hours, I thought you leave me here alone..."

"I'm sorry, I was not able to be here.

She helps Sergeant Herrera to get up and covered her a cloth to get not cold.

Sergeant Herrera drives back to the camp and he brings her in the room just to make sure that he is safe. She told the Sergeant it is okay to back at her room alone, but the Sergeant insisted it.

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