Days With My Sergeant

Days With My Sergeant

By:  Miss Eryl  Completed
Language: English
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Synopsis Two people, in different world destine to meet each other. Sergeant Herrera a young officer who keeps peace in the land of Simpkins. Chyrill an ordinary woman, who went to Simpkins to be a volunteer, who was isolated from her friends and stranded in the woods saved by the Arland Soldiers. But her days was never been easy, she was suspected as one of the intelligence units from Sans serif the group of terrorist. She stays in the camp of the Arland Soldier she did not expect to fall in love with the Sergeant and make him fall in love with her. How can she escape from the Arland camp if her heart belongs to the Northern people of Simpkins and her days with the Sergeant was a remarkable in her entire life, day by day she was falling in love with the Sergeant. Who will can say that in the midst of the war there was a love grows in between the two of them. But how long will their love prevail if destiny itself and war separate them.

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34 Chapters
Day 1 Lost in the forest She didn't know how many hours she walks alone in this creepy place, She lost in the forest, she was isolated from her group, they were headed here in Simpkins to be a volunteer to help the sick and homeless children. A place where the war was never been over; Simpkins where the ordinary people are separated from the people who has more wealth and power, It's a place where are all divided from the life status, education and money. People living downtown needs help and caring coming from people who has a big heart. She continued to walk and didn't know where she take her feet her heart was breathing fast she was totally drained, she needs a glass of water to refresh, her stomach was empty and need some food to feed. She didn't know when was her last meal?She keeps moving and hoping she sees a sign of a little town or maybe a way to go back in the city she don't have any idea at all. She sit and rest h
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Day 3 The Interrogation She was wearing a yellow dress and her hair ponytails, She put lipstick and powder and sprayed her perfume. She is now ready to face the commander and the guy who named HERRERA for the interrogation, maybe they suspected that she is the one of the allies of their enemy the Sans serif and the Simpkins people. She opens the door of her room and got surprise, the two soldiers waiting her outside, it approached her and handcuffed her two hands, she wanted to get lost about what was done to her but whatever she did she could do nothing but follow.She will go to the commander's office and escorted by the two officers for some question, she doesn't need to be afraid she has just been here to be a volunteer to help the sick and homeless children, She wasn't here for anything else.After a moment, she now sits in the commander's office with the soldier named HERRERA, She does not know how she feels because ever
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Day 5 A plan to EscapeShe got awake from the noise coming outside, she quickly gets up from her bed and peek out the window of her room. Just like last night all were busy the military truck are come and go, a military Aircraft engine totally rattles her. Soldiers are forming online being attended to the order given by their officer and it was Sergeant Herrera, who are in charge, maybe they are their men in his battalion.She quickly thinks and packs all of her things and change her dress in a shirt and jeans, this is the time to get escape everyone are busy, she is sure that no
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Day 6 I want to say Sorry Yesterday was been a long day for her, after her trying to escape from the camp and she has slapped the Sergeant she thought that it would be the end of her world. Sergeant Herrera brought her to small town and let her see the situation of this land, she witnesses the crucial situation of the people here, her eagerness to help the people of Simpkins has strengthened her courage even more. She was here for a volunteer to help them not to die. She needs to be with the other just like what her heart desired to help.She gets up too early and prepares to face the Sergeant, she wears an old rose dress and she put lipstick and powder she was more of getting conscious about what she will look like. Anyways, it doesn't matter what she will be looking like when she faced the Sergeant, but why she is cared it too much.She surprisingly opens the door of her room it was not locked at all and no more soldiers to look
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Day 7 The People of the North of Simpkins Sergeant Herrera brings her in this place of the camp where the people of Northern Simpkins live here. When they are getting nearer to the place she feels excited and curious about on how they are living in the place near the camp. When they had reached the place of the Northern People of Simpkins, her heart feels so much sadness and feel pity to the children, they don't have much food to eat and clothes to wear.She tried to hold her tears back, the Sergeant notices it, but he just ignored. The soldiers bring food for them,
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Day 9 I owe my life from youEarly in the morning she stands by in the door room of Sergeant Herrera, she wanted to know if he is awake, she felt that she has a responsibility to do and she wanted to give thanks to the Sergeant for saving her life. Finally the door open she approached a nurse who was coming from the room of the Sergeant. She was then, allow her to enter into the room to visit the Sergeant. She waves at the Sergeant and get close to him."Hi". She greeted the Sergeant.The Sergeant smiles at her and greeted her too."Hi hard headed woman, what are you doing here"?"Well, I am here to visit and to say Thank you for saving me."The Sergeant just nods and smiled at her saying nothing."How are you feeling Sir? Are you okay? Is there something hurt? Continuously ask a question to a Sergeant." I am fine, don't worry about me, it’s just a wound. "" Seriously? Just wound? I think you're endu
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Day 10 The cry of the North Simpkins Just like yesterday she had to visit the Sergeant in his room, but he was not around the nurse said that he needs to get back to the operating room to replace the bandage and make it sure that it was already healed, she leaves a message to the table and back to the Northern Simpkins to teach the kids that she enjoys it now.She handed all the materials she needed and some packed foods for the kids, she helped by the soldiers to bring things she needed. The kids are so happy to see her and feel excited to learn new lessons from her. They shared the food that she prepared for the people of the North Simpkins before she starts to teach they enjoyed it a lot and their parents are too thankful for her for the help and concerned to them.The kids are all ears listening to her they are enjoying a lot in learning a nursery rhyme and listening to the stories that she just invented funny, but she likes it
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Day 12 Sweethearts? It's a beautiful Sunday morning in the Simpkins city as the Sergeant promised her the day before that they will go in the Simpkins City to go around and buy some toys for the kids,she wears a floral color powder blue dress that totally looks gorgeous in the eyes of the Sergeant and the Sergeant wears a white shirt and jeans he put shade too that makes Chyrill heart beats fast.They went into the city just like an ordinary person. The Sergeant holds her hand as they walk along the city, maybe he cared so much about her and knowing that she is a stranger in this place. Sergeant Herrera did not let go of her hands wherever they go that Chyrill liked. They went to the toy store to buy some toys for the children of North Simpkins. Sergeant Herrera buys a big Mickey Mouse for her that she likes it most. They are like sweethearts who hides each other feelings. She smiled to the Sergeant and hugs him that surprised to the Serg
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Day 13 A sudden Death She now faces the commander’s and the Sergeant in the commander's office there are pictures displayed to her to identify one by one and it’s a big surprise to her that those all pictures are their friends. She was sure of herself that they are their friends."Yes, I am sure they are my friends".. Do you have any news you get from them? Are they okay? Why are they with the gunmen? What happened to them? She continually asks the Commander and the Sergeant."Okay, Ms. Chyrill Please calm yourself". The commander said to her."We had collected data from your friend and we had an update to them"."Update? What update? Pwede ba sabihin nyo sa akin kung ano ang nangyari sa kanila ang dami nyo pang pasakalye eh" she speaks in her language and she just suddenly stands in her seat and slammed the table."I know what you feel now Ms. Chyrill but we need you to be calm down". The comm
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Day 14 Honor their Memory Early in the morning the car of the Arland Soldier standing by at the North Simpkins Place the people there were wondering because for the first time there were Arland Soldiers who approached them this early time.The two Arland soldiers come over to the place that makes the people alerted and they grab their weapon knowing that they will get in trouble. The soldiers signaled that they had nothing to fear, they were just coming here for Chyrill and they will bring her back to the camp to the order of Sergeant Herrera. One of the people
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