His crazy Idea

He prepares for the flight back to Arkansas he is hoping that Sergeant Herrera will not be disappointed with the news he will bring to him. He was so impressive about Chyrill personality, he is tough woman and never gets scared about her decision, his friend is too lucky enough having a woman like her. It's more than eight hours of flight back to Arkansas he wonders now what are the words he would say to Kristoff he knows that he will do anything to make Chyrill accept the offer. 

His journey back to Arkansas went well after he got off the plane and immediately went to the house of his best friend Sergeant Herrera. His flight gets earlier than an hour he is sure of this time Sergeant Herrera begins with his therapy in the meantime, he will rests before he talk to his best friend, he don't want to ruin its day for the bad news that he will say. 



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