It's 12:00 in the midnight the phone keeps on ringing, She is wondering who will call at this moment of time, she slowly gets up on her bed and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" She yawn when she answered the phone.

"Yes, I am Sergeant Herrera's wife."

She almost screams when she heard what was said on the other line. Her body shiver and her hands are shaking, she almost hung up the phone. She couldn't understand what the person on the other line is saying.

At that moment she just sat on the floor and the tears just kept flowing. The whole room almost shook because of the loudness of her shouting. She cried in burst, she couldn't believe from what she heard, She couldn't believe that all of her fears will be happening.

Her beloved man is now gone, the man she talked a while ago says that Sergeant Herrera and the rest has been ambushed by t

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It’s so tragic, why does she need to suffer so much! :(
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