Chapter 2: " The Real Start "


“You want this right? Then face the consequences!“ He tightened his grip on my wrist and dragged me to bed. Anger was visible in his well-dim eyes, like fireworks in the night.

“I’m begging you Fergus! Don’t do this to me!“ I shouted and tried to run away from his torture but he’s too strong. He easily torn my clothes then climbed up on top of me. 

“Don’t do this. P-please don’t!“ I begged for his mercy but he didn’t listen. Instead, he bit my neck and put hickeys on it. “Don’t!“ I begged once again but still no response.

“You want me right?”

“You want money and my fame! You ruined my happiness Demonise!“ Anger was there with a hint of disgust. I scrambled as much as I could but my strength couldn’t be compared to his.

From another time around, he ruined my innocence and purity. One night wasn’t enough to settle his anger towards me. For three years, I’ve been in hell with his punishments. 

All I could do was to cry in a dark corner and wished for him to love me back, but even the stars at night were not so kind enough to grant my desired wish.

After he reached his satisfaction, he then walked towards the white door and I guess, he's going to take a bath to wash away my dirt on his body. 

Should I call myself ‘lucky' to marry the person I love but have loved someone else? I slowly moved my body and I could feel the aches in it. 

I’ve been bearing lots of beatings from my husband. My husband who doesn’t even look at me as his wife.

When the door of the bathroom opened, I was welcomed by his icy blue eyes.

“I’m going out. Don’t expect me to come home, not even tomorrow.” I was lost in my painful thoughts when I heard his arrogant tone of voice. I was about to say something when I saw him closing the door with a bang.

I laid on bed once more and curled my body. Hell was not enough to explain the life that I had for the past years. I didn’t receive anything from the start yet he stole everything away from me.

“W-why? What did I do to deserve this?” 

I whispered as if he was still with me. We’re married but he treated me as a toy. I’m worst than his maids. 

All I did was loving him and giving everything to him, but I didn’t know why he kept on saying that I’m disgusting. Like I’m a pathetic woman in his eyes.

“Cheer up Demonise!“ I wanted to comfort myself. I’m always an independent girl that men would look up to, but Fergus was like a thorn on the rose. Deadly and painful. However, no one can blame me for loving a person like him.

After thinking about the pain that I had received from the past three years, I decided to take a bath and fix myself. I washed my body and my hair. The hickeys were too revealed. I brushed my teeth and wrapped my body with a white towel. Then I walked towards my closet and grabbed my red pajamas. 

I then dried my hair using a blower subsequently then jump onto my bed. 

Oh! Before I forgot, this is my room while his room is next to mine. 

Even If we’ve been together for years, I still don’t know about how his room looks-like. He doesn’t want me to be there and I didn’t try to sneak, not even once.


I reached my phone above the desk on my bedside. I looked at the caller and was hoping that it was him, but my excitements turned to disappointments. I pressed the answer button and waited for him to speak.

“How are you Dem?” He asked. 

I smiled because of his worried voice. Even if the whole world was against me, he would stood up for me and would always do.

“Still breathing Tim. How ‘bout you? Still single? Haha…“ I said to him then laughed. 

I always love teasing him because he’s like a dragon ready to blow fire when pissed off. I wrapped the blanket around me while still talking to him.

“As always. You know that I already have someone in my heart Dem.“ I stopped for awhile after hearing his voice. It felt weird to me. I didn't know why but there’s something that’s telling me that I know who it was.

“Then tell me so that I can fix your problem.“ I snapped out the weird feeling and tried to ask him about her. 

I heard a deep sighed in the other line of the phone. Well, we’re somewhat like in the same boat right now.

“I can’t.” He paused. “I’m still not ready to tell her about my emotional agendas. I’m not ready yet Dem.“ It seems like his tone was a little bit heavy yet, it felt weird again. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

“Ok! Whenever you’re ready, you can always talk to me.“ I wanted to comfort him but I couldn’t even comfort myself. “I’ll hang up the phone then.” Hearing him said yes, I ended the call and laid down on bed.

I was just humming around until the darkness consumed me. I’m sleepy and I need to rest. My body needs to rest, so was my mind and my heart. I felt pity for them, they’re the one who’s been broken all these years.

Four days had passed but Fergus didn’t even send a message to me. Though I’m used to it, I still couldn’t stop assuming that he cares for me. I already ate my breakfast and I didn’t know what to do. I’m bored but couldn’t even seek for fresh air.

I’m here downstairs reading a book that's written by HEAVENinHELL24. Maybe this was always been my daily routine. Eating, reading, and sleeping. Oh I also forgot! I’m also waiting for him almost everyday.

I’m with my sleeveless white shirt paired with a black shorts. An eye glasses and a messy hair. I don’t have to make myself pretty, after all, I’m just his prisoner with no sentimental value at all.

“Oh baby! Why are you in a hurry?“ I froze when I heard someone’s voice. Frowning my forehead, the sweats slowly embraced me. 

I tried to ignore it but it’s just way too unbearable.

“Baby… Let’s go upstairs? You want to have fun right?“ His voice was like a kick on the ass. Damn him! Bringing his fling inside our house. Does he have the word respect? How could he?!

“I want to but I’m kind of hungry. I want to eat first baby.“ I witnessed how she wrapped her arms on my husbands neck then the next moved caught me off guard. 

She suddenly kissed him. She fvcking kissed my husband in our house?

The kissed was way too wild that I couldn’t look to them. How could she kissed him without him, beating her? How could  he kissed her without him, hurting her? I felt jealous. I’m jealous because of the way he’s treating that girl. 

It seems like I’m not his cup of tea, but can I be a milk instead? Silly me. Like what he always said, ‘ I have no room in his heart. Not even forever! ‘

They’re about to go upstairs when I suddenly spilled my thoughts. “You’re hungry right?“ Both of their sight landed on my figure. There’s no time for cowardness. I just want to get his attention a little bit.

“Oh! Who is she babe?“ The girl with a blonde hair asked Fergus, my husband. The two pair of eyes that I always been loving for years stared at me. 

Was he doubting about my identity? I know that our marriage was never been announce in public but we’re already tied.

“Babe?” This flirty woman was really irritating. She’s so close to him. I smiled at her and was about to clear up her mind about me when Fergus stopped me. 

Is he really going to say that I’m his wife? But instead, what comes out from his mouth broke me even more.

“She’s my helper. Feel free to ask her service first, since she’s too desperate to serve us.“ I glanced at him and saw how he smirked at me. Because of embarrassment, I looked down and stared the floor.

“Ahmm.. Can you cook for me? I’m starving.” She asked while putting a fake smile on her face. I know her tactics, I could sensed her mask. Even though I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t say no. Fergus would kill me if I say so.

“It’ll be serve ten minutes from now. I’ll excuse myself first and prepare what I can do.“ Saying these words made me pinched my pride as the legal wife. She may not know that I’m his lover’s wife, but how could Fergus tell her that I’m just his helper?

“Make it fast Demonise, my girlfriend is hungry.“ I heard his dark manly voice from a distance but I didn’t bother myself to answer his demand. I should be happy that he came back home, but with his “ so-called “ girlfriend? Forget it!

Cooking a meat with eggs and bacon for his ‘mistress' made me want to puke. Serving someone but I could not even serve myself? Dang it! Damn them!

I was about to turn myself near the table to prepare the plates, but to my surprise, I froze when I felt a dark presence at my back. 

“F-Fergus…“ I stuttered and I didn’t know what to do. Should I turn myself around? But what if---------, what if our nose touch?

I remained standing while he’s also at my back. “D-Demonise…“ He whispered and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. My body shivered when his breath explored my hair. What the fudge was he doing?

“What are you doing Fergus?” I tried to speak up for my chaotic deliberations. My body trembled when his hand touched my shoulders and squeezed it roughly.

“Don’t you dare tell Aziyah that you’re my wife. Or else, -------“ He paused for awhile and moved his face near my ear. “You’ll face the consequences, woman!“ 

He tightened his grip on my shoulders and sniffed my messy hair. Fear occupied my heart when his right hand landed on my neck, like it was seeking something there. 

“Fergus!“ My heart almost jump when he rubbed my collarbone and pinched it.

“Stop!” I protested when I realized that he’s choking me. I struggled to breath and catch some air when he added some force to choke me. 

“You’re killing me!”  I was about to attack him when the girl earlier shouted from the living room.

“What’s taking you so long baby?“

“I’ll be there quickly.”

Irritation was in her pitch. Fergus loosened his grip on my neck and stared at me. As if he’s going to devour my soul out of my body. 

“Don’t make any mistake.“ He mumbled straight into my eyes. “If you disobey me, you know what will I do Demonise.“

My breath became normal when he moved aside then left me behind. I thought that I’m going to collapse. Good thing that I remained my stance. 

Before going back to the living room to bring their food, I reached for a cup of cold water and drank it all up. Then I realized, I must prepare myself every time he’s near me.

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