Chapter 77: " Honeymoon "

Demonise POV:

" Were you lonely when I was away? Hmm? " I was a little bit stunned when I felt his warm arms wrapping my waist from behind.The scent of my husband who just finished washing himself made me feel satisfied.

" Hmm... " I hummed as an answer. I was facing the window and staring at the moon in the sky. It's already eleven in the evening and the kids are already sleeping. 

I held his hands and leaned on his chest. I felt the contentment in my heart knowing that I'm complete again with his presence. I could also feel the teasing breath from his mouth touching my bare neck.

" I... I was also lonely. I struggled to sleep knowing that you're alone in bed every night. " Fergus whispered and I can sense his deep breathing. Oh No! I think I already know what his up to.

After the forgiveness of my son to his dad, we spent the whole afternoon with happiness. Black always hooked with his dad without letting him go until he fell asleep. W

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