Chapter 79: " Epilogue PART 2 "

Fifteen years later...

" Where are you going Black?! " Fergus' angry voice echoed inside the house. His domineering eyes were pinned to a man who just reached twenty years old.

" I'm gonna move to my own house now dad. I'm a grown up man and I want to do the things by my own. " Black respectfully said. He was already outside the gate and his father who's already forty-two rushed outside to stop him.

It's been so many years but Black literally witnessed how his parents love each other, specially his dad. They're really similar and  he promise to be like his father. A possessive but a loving husband and father.

" Did you consider your mom's emotions? Do you think she'll not cry and feel sad if you move out? " Fergus with his white sleeveless shirt and shorts still feels the same as always. He's still hot and all his charm and beauty was also inherited by Black and his kids.

Although they aged a lot for the last fifteen years, but they stil

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