Author: Sweetcappachino


"Marianne, how could you let this happen?!" Greg raised his voice at her as if she were a teenager who didn't know what she was doing..."Weren't you on the pill?"

Confused as she was, Marianne could not find the words to respond to Greg's ridiculous questions. Honestly, what did he expect from unprotected sexual relations? A dog in a gift box?

"Aren't you gonna say something to defend yourself?" Greg insisted that she answered him with a face so angry he'd be capable of harming her.

Considering the safety of her daughter and her unborn child, Marianne calmly replied, "I don't know what happened, I'm so sorry."

"You better be, we're not having this child, one is enough trouble." He commanded

Marianne's heart sank as those words played through her mind, feeling all sorts of emotion in that moment she could not object. All she could do was stare....

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