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Marianne lives in a small town with her daughter and sales man boyfriend who seems not to acknowledge the fact after 10 years of a relationship, a daughter and a son on the way, marriage could be a good thing. Greg,coming from a broken home does not believe marriage to be a way to keep a couple together, after all divorce is trend in this day and age. Marianne, getting tired of his indifference, is not gonna stand for anymore humiliation and gossip about her complicated relationship. Will she wait for him to realize that some marriages are worth it or will she walk out the door with her children never to see him again? There's more for her to discover out in the world about her own life.

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This book had me shocked from the start!
2021-04-24 02:41:00
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Angel Ray
lovely start can't wait to read more
2021-04-14 00:15:10
32 Chapters
"Marianne, how could you let this happen?!" Greg raised his voice at her as if she were a teenager who didn't know what she was doing..."Weren't you on the pill?"Confused as she was, Marianne could not find the words to respond to Greg's ridiculous questions. Honestly, what did he expect from unprotected sexual relations? A dog in a gift box?"Aren't you gonna say something to defend yourself?" Greg insisted that she answered him with a face so angry he'd be capable of harming her.Considering the safety of her daughter and her unborn child, Marianne calmly replied, "I don't know what happened, I'm so sorry.""You better be, we're not having this child, one is enough trouble." He commandedMarianne's heart sank as those words played through her mind, feeling all sorts of emotion in that moment she could not object. All she could do was stare....
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Chapter One
"MOM! MOM! MOMMY! MOM!........." Marianne saw lips move yet the sound could not be heard while Dee in thoughts, she immediately snapped out of the silence seeing that Rose, her beautiful six year old daughter, needed her attention."What is it baby?" Marianne asked."You have put too much peanut butter on my slice of bread",Rose pointed at Marianne's hand with over spilled peanut butter."Oh my goodness!",Marianne gasped as she quickly walked over to the sink to wash off the excess and dried them with a paper towel..."What a waste" she said with such disappointment.Marianne had been distracted by the latest news of her day, a pregnancy, unwanted for that matter-not by her though, but by her boyfriend of ten years, six months and 12 days.Greg had always preached about how much of a struggle it is to care for her and their daughter. He was never ready for the responsibility so it always felt like she forced him into parenthood, desp
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Chapter Two
As Marianne shut the door behind her, Greg exited the bathroom drying his light brown short length hair with a small towel while another body towel wrapped him from the waist down. Having a terrible loveless relationship did not make Marianne blind, because she could obviously see the fully shaped man right in front of her. "Six foot of a whole hunk but no brains", she thought to herself."I thought you were cleaning the living room?" He asked her.Marianne snapped out of the fantasy and replied immediately,"I wanted us to talk before you left.""But I told you that I needed to leave urgently, can't this wait?", He asked while dressing up real quick."This really can't wait, I-" Marianne was cut off again."You look tired and sick, have you been to a hospital?" He asked with sudden concern.Marianne's tongue got heavy and tried to respond but words could not leave her mouth, every second that passed was torture. She wished he could j
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Chapter Three
Night fell and Marianne had been feeling so good about herself all day since Greg's sudden change of heart towards the surprise pregnancy she thought would end up bad,"maybe he remembered how blessed we were to have Rose", she thought to herself.She had been cleaning all day while Rose was playing at her friend's house next door, she had so much energy a ten mile marathon would be a breeze.She Vacuumed and mopped all the rooms, washed every dish in site, put clothes in the washer and dried them outside cause her mother use to say,"what better way to kill germs than with the scotching sun?", she always had the strangest theories.Marianne spread the dry clothes on her and Greg's bed and headed back into the kitchen to continue preparing a special meal for supper, her mood leaned towards spaghetti and meatballs and she was probably the best at preparing this dish because there would always be second servings. Rose finally came back at four and Mariann
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Chapter Four
Marianne came to and found herself laying on a hospital bed, in a hospital gown and connected to a drip. Greg was seated right next to her dozing off at the edge of the bed while Rose was fast asleep on the sofa right across from her bed, her head was pounding like someone were drumming on it and she felt sick to her stomach.She lay her hand on her tummy and woke Greg from his snooze, "my baby? Is the baby okay?", she asked with tears in her eyes."You're awake! Nurse!", He called out to a nurse immediately.Marianne held his hand tight before he could step away, "Greg, my baby. Please tell me"He put his other hand over hers and finally gave a response,"I'm so sorry my love, we lost it",Marianne put her hand over her mouth as tears started to flow down her cheeks, she gasped and let out a loud sob."Why? How? I was just fine and...." she looked up to him and anger immediately filled her heart."What did you do?", She asked him hitt
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Chapter Five
The nurse finally let Greg in though not so willingly after she noticed the uncomfortable situation Marianne was having, she stood by the door for a good minute while he walked in and approached the bed Marianne was on. Greg sat back on the stool he had been sitting on before he left and held Marianne’s hand.“It’s going to be okay, I’m here for you”, he assured her.Nothing anyone would say could change Marianne’s mood at that point, the only thing she wanted was to have her baby back, but that was not possible. For the last two days of knowing she was pregnant she had been planning out his or her future, where she would give birth, what kind of clothes the baby would be wearing, what school or food to consider etc.Now what? Does she just continue like nothing ever happened? Must she forget what could have been a second child again? She turned to look over at the sofa where Rose had been sleeping,“my little Ros
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Chapter six
Marianne was staring in the direction in which the sad man left and stopped to think about how he could be feeling, he didn’t look that old so his daughter could not have been in her teens yet unless otherwise.Just the thought of losing a child you already have memories with sent chills down her spine and made her feel even worse for the sad man. Greg mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and asked her what she had been thinking of cause it pretty much looked like she had zoned out for a moment.“Nothing, did you get the get the cake?”,Marianne asked him as she started to pick up her belongings and held Rose’s hand to get up.“All out can you believe that honey?”, he looked at Rose trying to show disappointment in his face.When what actually happened was...While Greg was on his way to the counter where he had spotted very attractive and delicious looking chocolate cakes through the glass counter, walking towards the counter he bumped into one o
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Chapter Seven
The garage door closed behind them and Greg turned off the engine and told Rose to head in while he and Marianne took a minute to talk,“Hey sweetie go in and watch some TV, Mummy and I will only be a minute okay?”,He maneuvered his way to the back while still in his seat, helped her out of her seat belt and opened the door for her and she quickly ran to the entrance through the garage into the house and disappeared.Greg got comfortable and turned to Marianne,“I really did not find any cake, they must have-“,“you think I’m worried about that?”, Marianne cut him off with a question.“What was in that milkshake Greg?”, she went straight to the point.“What are you trying to say Marianne, I put nothing in it. How could you think of me like that?”, he answered so offended by her accusation then turned to the wind shield and placed his hands on the wheel to lay his head on them.Unmoved, Marianne’s feelings started changing by the minut
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Chapter Eight
Greg hurriedly picked up his phone and sat back on his seat, Marianne came closer to see what was up with him and he pretended to reach for something in his pocket so he could hide the card.“What was that all about?”, she asked him about burst in laughter because it looked like he was about to sweat his hair off.“Nothing, you just startled me, a whistle would help you know”, he said so agitated yet trying to keep his cool.Marianne couldn’t help but laugh at the scene, he looked like a child trying to hide a piece of meat in his mouth while being interrogated by his mother. It was really amusing for her.“Anyway, sorry”, Marianne apologised as she exited the kitchen still chuckling.Greg let out a breath of relief thinking he had handled that well, most women would be on their man’s neck trying to get the truth out of him.“But she didn’t seem to care”, he thought to himself with eyes squinted and fingers pressed to his chin. He also wondered ho
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Chapter Nine
Marianne still couldn’t believe what just happened, as she drove away she glanced into the side window to see if Greg was waiting for her to leave or running to the car to stop them.He just stood there, motionless, straight faced and blunt. She couldn’t make out what emotions he was showing from that distance but deep down she knew he was waiting for this day, but if she was frank with herself, so was she. 10 years of a lifeless meaningless relationship? What was she doing?Now all she had to think of was how to survive on her own with her little Rose, the first step was to find Nurse Lucy and see what happened from there. Only God knew what lay ahead.“You okay sweetie?”, she checked her mirror to see what Rose had been doing in the back so quiet.Marianne was shocked to see that she was flat asleep holding her favorite stuffed doll, the one she called princess Mickayla. Such a sweet site she could shed a tear, but that was not necessary especially since sh
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