Chapter Twenty Nine

Chapter Twenty Nine

The next evening Marianne and Lucy were pacing around the kitchen and living room impatiently waiting for George.

“Are you sure he told you that he will be here or was that another lie? What if he has just forgotten about all this?” Marianne kept asking.

“You have got to stop with all your negative questions and answers, for real this time”, Lucy answered back.

Even though Lucy kept asking Marianne to calm down, she herself, kept opening and closing the curtains to check if George had arrived, she kept checking her phone incase she missed the notification as well.

There was always something about the evening that Marianne found confusing, how was it that the most peaceful time of a day would also turn out to be the most risky part as well? Even back when she was a child, she always noticed that most of the arguments between her and her mother usually started in the night time, but since they were both lovers of the
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