Chapter 2616

[It turns out that Eliza has issues with her relationship just like us. Hugs.]


Upon noticing that the online comments were getting better, Skyler was so touched that she teared up. “Lizzie, this is wonderful. We won this time. Furthermore, many netizens who were here to criticize you have become your fans. Everyone saw you as arrogant back then, but now your fall this time has made everyone feel that celebrities are ordinary people instead. They also found you more approachable.

“This shows that our efforts weren’t in vain.”

Eliza smiled faintly.

She was not over the moon about it because it did not matter to her whether she could continue staying in the entertainment industry or not. She just did not want everyone to misunderstand Eliza.

After all, Eliza’s birth mother was still alive, and she must not let Eliza’s mother hang her head in shame.

“Lizzie, say. Now that you’ve proved your innocence, I’m sure the company will be infuriated when they see this,” Skyler said ex
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Rani Arinto
let's update again
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Dawn Preciado
When will Chester see this was all his doing. Eliza just wanted to be left alone. Everything happening is of his own doing. His arrogance is his undoing.
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Queen _PPares
hahahaha ..... better for you asshole Chester... you're so disgusting... i don't like to be with Charity

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