Chapter 2951

“I should be the one asking you why you’re in my room,” Chester asked Charity as he raised his beautiful brows and smiled like a sly fox.


Charity glared at him. After exchanging glances with him for a few seconds, she carried her son and walked away.

When she held the door handle, she felt a force grabbing her from behind.

Chester stopped in his tracks and wrapped his hands around her slim waist. “Are you afraid that I’ll eat you up?”

“You think you can do that, huh?” Charity turned around and glimpsed at the lower part of his body. “Can you do it now?”

Chester’s handsome face stiffened, and a look of dejection washed over it.

All of a sudden, Charity felt that she had gone too far by adding insult to injury.

For a man, that was his greatest pride.

“Since you know I can’t do that, what are you afraid of?” Chester gripped her waist. “Charity, stay here. All other rooms are occupied. If you don’t stay here, you have nowhere else to go.”

Charity stomped on his foot. “Did y
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zam zung
next chapters please. just curious on how this author decide how to end his story and how long he will drag his story...

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