Psyche Flint peeked out her head to look left and right on the road. She saw many zombies but there is no humans at all. She pouted her lips while feeling bored.

Then, she turned her head to look behind her and saw a group of people. There are three children, pair of couple, one elder man, five young man, and three young women. They are holding bats, steel rods, iron rods, clubs, and backpacks.

They are also sweating while panting as they look around to check and the elder man pointed out his fingers to Psyche Flint.

Psyche Flint tilted her head as she was curious as to why these people are tired.

"Look! There's a girl there!" the elder man said to his companions. His companions looked at where he pointed and saw a beautiful girl sitting on the convenience store's entrance stairs. They are shocked that she's exposed outside. Fortunately, they didn't see a zombie nearby.

However, they didn't know that the zombies were just nearby but they couldn't see it because their sights were blocked by the edge of the building.

Psyche Flint raised her hand and waved at them while smiling. She's so care-free like the zombie apocalypse didn't happen at all.

They frowned at Psyche Flint because they didn't see her fear. Even though it is just the first day of Zombie Apocalypse, they are scared of those human-eating undead monsters.

Suddenly, Psyche Flint saw their frightened faces while they silently pointed their fingers behind Psyche Flint like they are giving her a warning.

Psyche Flint tilted her head as she felt clueless of their gestures. Then, she felt that their frightened faces are intense so she frowned and turned her head to look behind her.

She was stunned when she saw an zombie adult woman walked slowly while staggering and groaning. She just looked at zombie adult woman who slowly walked from her behind until she's beside her.

The zombie adult woman groaned as she glanced at Psyche Flint's direction but she turned around and left. Psyche Flint didn't show any fear but when she looked at those people who were giving her a warning, she saw their frightened or relief look.

"Cough... Cough.. Cough.." Psyche Flint felt awkward as she looked at them. Then, she sighed and walked towards their direction. When she was about to reach them, her tears flowed out of her eyes. She's pretending of being scared.

"Little girl, you almost scared us to death" the husband said when Psyche Flint is already beside them.

"Hehe... I didn't know there was a zombie there" she didn't look directly on the husband's eyes as she pretended to look at one of the three children.

"Anyway, I'm Arthur Pole and she's my wife, Dianna Swane" the husband introduced himself and his wife to Psyche Flint. Psyche Flint nodded and also introduced herself to them.

"I'm Psyche Flint. I was inside our school when the apocalypse happened" Psyche Flint said with a lie as she's cautious of these people.

She doesn't believe on strangers, especially, it is now an apocalypse era.

"What's your name?" she asked to the one of the children she looked at earlier. He's a young boy with different eye colors. His left eye is blue while his right eye is violet. Psyche Flint was attractive to this young boy's eyes.

"I-I'm Ian Potter" the young boy was shy because of the girl in front him is so beautiful than other girls he saw. Even his cousins are incomparable to the girl's beauty.

Psyche Flint smiled as she remember her younger brother. She sighed and looked on the road, the way to his younger brother's school.

Yes, her destination is her younger brother's school to check him. Her younger brother, Zack Flint, is not your typical younger brother. He's aloof and cold but he listens to Psyche Flint sometimes.

"Where are you going?" Dianna Swane asked with a smile but Psyche Flint felt something amiss from the wife.

Psyche Flint looked at the Dianna Swane's legs and saw a bite mark. It is bleeding.

"You're injured?" Psyche Flint asked to Dianna Swane. Dianna Swane was startled of Psyche Flint's question but her husband defended her.

"Don't worry. She's just injured" Arthur Pole answered as he also felt something wrong to his wife but turned a blind eye on her.

Psyche Flint sighed and looked at him, "You know the meaning of zombie bites right? And I don't think I need to explain it anymore" she said coldly.

"Hey! What do you mean by that?!" Dianna Swane exclaimed loudly as Psyche Flint left them. She doesn't want to become a villain on their eyes, okay?

Well, she really acted like nothing changes but, in fact, she's care-free because the zombies are ignoring her but the question is... Will they always ignore Psyche Flint? She sighed and must go to Zack Flint immediately.

"To Vannister Academy" she murmured.

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