I'm 100% Human But Not Edible For Zombies (The Original)

I'm 100% Human But Not Edible For Zombies (The Original)

By:  Hazel Joy Impal  Ongoing
Language: English
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At the start of apocalypse, humans transform into zombies or the human-eating undead monsters. I heard their cries of suffering and fear. Also, the world set new rule called "survival of the fittest". Fortunately, Gods pity on them and give them superpowers to fight back but .... why is it that zombies are ignoring me?! (」゚ロ゚)」 And, wait! Why are these zombies vomit when they bite me?! Am I not edible?!!(◎_◎;)

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Margaret Geddes
promising begining please update
2021-06-15 21:25:07
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SHAWN Johnston
love the story. colorful characters and great suspense. updates are a little slow. but quality is better than quality.
2021-05-28 00:34:56
user avatar
I like the prologue but lets find out more on another chapters
2021-03-31 22:42:26
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A NovelCat & Goodnovelpresents I'M 100% HUMAN BUT NOT EDIBLE FOR ZOMBIES (The Original: Light Novel)Author: VestigialPrincess (Zellah)Editor: Anna More updates on novel-cat platform
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Psyche Flint looked outside the window as she still on his seat. Suddenly, her eyes narrowed as she saw the bloody sun and clouds on the sky. It is the unusual color and she felt her spine chilled but her face showed her calm demeanor. She flinched as she saw everyone inside the classroom fainted except her.She stood up with a backpack and walked out of the classroom while her eyes looked around. Then, she realized that no one is awake but her. She slowly walked on the corridor that leads to the teacher's faculty.She opened the faculty room and saw all of the teachers are in unconscious state. She sighed and confuse
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Psyche Flint peeked out her head to look left and right on the road. She saw many zombies but there is no humans at all. She pouted her lips while feeling bored.Then, she turned her head to look behind her and saw a group of people. There are three children, pair of couple, one elder man, five young man, and three young women. They are holding bats, steel rods, iron rods, clubs, and backpacks.They are also sweating while panting as they look around to check and the elder man pointed out his fingers to Psyche Flint.Psyche
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Zack Flint's POVHe opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. He frowned when he realized that he couldn't move his limbs at all but he could move his head to look around. He squinted his eyes while everything on his sight was blurry. He blinked three times to adjust his eyes from the reddish light coming from outside the classroom. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the sun turning red like a blood hanging at the sky."What is going on?" he said but was stunned when there was no voice coming out from his mouth. He tried to talk again and again but failed to produce a voice. For the first time, he felt scared of losing his voice and tears slowly fell on his cheeks. He was truly
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Evan Potter's POV"Captain, we couldn't find the high school girl everywhere" Tyler Smith said as he was sweating because they were chased by those zombies outside. Tyler Smith couldn't imagine that if those zombies have intelligence of a normal human have... his scalp turned cold and numb."Then, at least, you know which school she was, right?" Evan Potter asked. He wanted to recruit that high school girl to his team and use her in the frontline. Anyway, the zombies couldn't touch that high school girl which is better than recruiting a weak one who always needs protection. His team is not created for babysitting and he doesn't want a vase for display only.
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Psyche Flint reached the Marketplace Mall nearby Divonne Academy. Her stomach groaned as she felt hunger. Her gaze swept around to check if there are zombies or people hiding but didn't see anyone so she entered the marketplace. It was almost afternoon when the apocalypse started and now, it is past twelve o'clock on the afternoon, that's why there are many scattered vegetables and fruits on each stalls. Anyone could guess what have happened inside marketplace. Like, a strong earthquake shook the whole mall which damage the goods inside.She went to the can goods shelves to look for the ready-made foods. Psyche Flint gasped as she saw each shelves emptied. Fortunately, her aunt's friend's daughter invited her fo
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Her falling accident made a noise and attracted many zombies when she heard their suffocating groans. She wanted to test herself if all zombies will really ignore her forever like she's not existing at all. Unfortunately, she couldn't do the test because a white blanket blocked her sight and wrapped it around her body. She felt a hand grab her wrist and pulled her up forcefully. She was shocked of this person's strength. Another hand wrapped around her waist to guide to the safe area. She couldn't resist as she knows that resisting is not an option at all. If she does and the zombies caught up but ignored her, she couldn't explain her situation. Even, she doesn't know why so how could she explain logically?Well
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Darwin Kim leads Psyche Flint to the temporary refuge for the survivors, the underground mall."No wonder he found me there" Psyche Flint thought and frowned as she looked around and saw many exhausted and dispirited survivors inside. They are slouching on the wall, hugging their family, sleeping for a short time than a human usually does, and wary of each other's greediness.The area's population was reduced to one-fourth of the area's total population from before the apocalypse."What is your survival pl
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"What happened?!" Andrea Su asked loudly as her brows furrowed. She was about to report to her superior that there's a strange woman entered the camp easily despite the zombie barrage outside the refugee's camp.The camp is surrounded by many zombies outside as they are looking for their prey. The human scents brought them here. However, the thick and sturdy wall that served as a gate couldn't let them enter at will.They could only groan like hungry wolves. Which is why, Andrea Su is curious of Psyche Flint's identity. Only her superior's family can enter and exit the camp without anyone's permission with a group of bodyguards.
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Lincoln Joe tilted his head as he looked at Lincoln Joe with confusion.“Cough.. Cough.. I’m Psyche” Psyche Flint introduced herself without including her family name.She intentionally exclude her family name, not because of her family’s reputation nor wealth but because she wanted to survive silently. Even if the zombies are ignoring her presence or she’s not edible for zombies’ stomachs, she still wanted to survive the apocalypse silently without letting other people know her uniqueness.She shook her head when she imagined being a lab rats for the apocalypse sci
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