Chapter Forty Four


"You should go"....I heard our professor so I nod at her and went in the ambulance.

I can barely look at her. She's so pale that one qould think all her blood is gone.

"S-sarah"...I mumbled as I slowly held her hand into mine.

She's unconscious right now and here I am, hoping that everything would be okay.

"How is she?"...I ask the officer who assessed the situation. "She's fine now but she needs an IV drop to regain her strength"...she said so I nodded and looked at Sarah.

I want to tease her now.

I want to take advantage of her being weak but I can't afford but be worried to this ignorant girl.

Seeing her like this, it's like something is stuck on my chest that it's painful.


After we arrive at the hospital, they transferred into the hospital bed and they brought her into the emergency room where I followed.

I shouldn't care right? She told me not to!

But what can I do when she made a reason for me to break it.

"Are you Ms. Johnson's guardian?"...I heard a voice be
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