The Last Missing Piece

The Last Missing Piece

By:  Queen_Stelle  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sarah Johnson, one girl's name trapped in her tragic past because both of her parents died. And in the last remaining years she spend her life without them, everything change. Until her grandmatger take her off to the orphanage. And there she had a chance again to live like normal. But after she turned 15 her grandmother died in the same day and month where her parents died too. And she couldn't take it anymore. She left her hometown and gone to the city. There she found Lesley, whose now is her bestfriend and her family. They helped her to moved on from the past and they ofdered her a job. And she starts going to school again as well as Lesley. She wanted to start over again. And there he meets the playboy, hearttrob man named Wayne, whom he wants to date because of one dare. But the he failed. And his failure made him want to stop those dares that his friend and him that's been going on every year. But that one dare didn't stop him and lately after they're encounter he jept the promise of not bothering him anymore but one thing he had kept was he stayed far and watch her. Did he fall for her already? That's the question...and Will he be able to tell her if he does? Well some may say he can but what if a tragic truth has been uncovered. Will he be able to tell and Will Sarah know?

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53 Chapters
Have you ever cared for the word love? Or simply the word Care?A question that keeps my mind occupied.A question that bothers me which I don't know why..And...A question that I want answer for...Some say, Love completes the big portion of your life, because without love you will never be complete.Or in other words...'Love completes us'I don't hate Love, but I've never thought of it.Infact I beleive in it cause that's how my parents found each other.And now we're a one big happy family not until an accident broke it..Nine years ago,"Are you done sweetheart?"...I heard mom asking me. "Yes I am"..I cheerfully answered before grabbing my suitcase down the stairs.
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Chapter One
SARAH'S POVALARM RINGS🔔🔔🔔It was Monday today so I have to get up early, since my alarm gets noisy again.After I got off my bed, I quickly go to the bathroom and take a shower, well that's my routine.After showering, I wear my formal attire and pack my uniform for my job.Yeah I have a job. I'm a working student. I am in college right now. I work at my bestfriends cafe which her parents own, because they said she could handle it better after finishing school which is right.As I'm done fixing myself. I made my way downstairs to cook some breakfast, so I checked my refregirator.Lets...See...I have EGGSBACONSVEGGIES HOTDOGSFROZEN GOODS
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Chapter Two
RING....RING.....RING.....I heard my noisy phone so I grab it while still lying on the bed.I look at the screen and I saw Lesley calling..                    Lesley Calling.......            📞Answer      📞Decline"Hey""Are you not awake up yet?""Mmm""What?!""Why? What is it""Oh my god did you forgot?""We have a day class today girl""What?!""Yeah, Did you forgot?"
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Chapter Three
"Hey Miss"I pretended not to hear him, and started to walk but a hand grab my wrist and turned me to face him."Let go!"...I sternly said while glaring at him but I heard another footstep behind me walking near me and touching my shoulders so I shrug it off."You've got a nice shoulder miss"....I heard him saying.As I couldn't take it anymore I used my free hand to punch him but it gotten more worse.Because he locked my wrist in his hand and gripped it tightly so now I only have my feet so I kicked the man infront of me who is about to walk near me.But As I noticed there we're three of them and they keep wlking near me so all I can do now is to scream for help."Help! Please! Help" tears were about to fall bit this big guy who is gripping my wrist tightly just chuckels.
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Chapter Four
So to all those who haven't pass their projects must pass this week, because the deadline will be on Friday, understood?"....Our lec. said, pointing out those who haven't pass their projects.After that I immediately fix my things and headed out to the classroom together with Lesley.Since it's an early dismissal, because the teachers have neeting so they are letting us go home this early, Lesley and I decided to go to the mall.It's been a while since I bought some stuff so I'm going with her.While we we're walking, I couldn't help to be busy with my phone cause I'm planning to get an extra job to earn more because this years semester will be over soon and soon we will be on our 3rd semester so I need to pay my tuition fee again and it get's higher every semester.I was about to look at the jobs list on my ohone when I heard a loud sound and beep coming infront of me so I got
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Chapter Five
"Be my girl"......he said and I was shocked really."What?! Are you insane"....I confusingly said."Im not asking you for real, I'm asking you for fake only".....he said."What? I don't understand you and back off dude, I'm not as easy as you think"....I said and walked away but he followed me."Hey, Not everyone can be asked out by me?" he telling me that I should be surprised or something that he's asking me out?"And not everyone like me likes to be asked""Come on"....he plead but I ignored him and start to walk again."There's no bus already!"....I said freaking out because I totally missed the last one."So..."I heard him say."So what?""You're walking again?"....he asked but I ignored him and start walking down the neighborhood."Hey Bumper"....he shouted and that makes me stop."What do you want?".....I said angrily."Accept my offer""No I won't, go find another, you have many
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Chapter Six
"It's already 7:00 am, I should go by now"....I said while finishing packing my things and the toys that I was about to give to the orphanage.After locking the door I walked from the neighborhood to thebus station.Since it's in Hilltown, I need to take a bus and a cab to be there. That's my hometown ofcourse I know.The moment the bus arrived. I quickly walked in the bus and find a single seat for me But I noticed that the single seats are full so I have no choice but to be seated beside the man sitting in the middle part of the bus.As I sat on it. I put down the big box I was carrying. It's not actually big. It's just enough for me to carry alone."Where are you going?".....I was a bit shock at this mans voice when he asked me. "Can you stop chasing me?"I irritatingly said. Yeah It's the JERK again."I will not until..." he paused and remove his cap and mask, so I can no
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Chapter Seven
WAYNE'S POVAfter I got abandoned by her. I get stuck in here so I called Lucas.                 Calling Lucas.........                   Ringing............"Hey bro""What's up?""She's hard dude""I can't believe you're giving up like that""What are you talking about? Me? Giving up? Never""So how come you couldn't get her""I told you she's really hard to please""Well You've done a lot like that, why is it so hard, remeber the deadline bro""I know that""Oww...kay, good luck""Tss!"After I ended the call. I immediately find that girl.I walked down the streets but still I couldn't find her.Where exactly is she?Until....I pass through a cemetery, I saw a girl there sitting on the ground and I can hear her sobs.I came close to see who it is and I was right it's Bumper.
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Chapter Eight
Morning came and I got up early. It's sunday today and I don't know her whereabouts but I do know her address so I will go there and check.And if you're about to ask where did I or who gave me her address, Well, someone didn't tell it to me.We have our research in every girl here in the university including her, well except for the teachers.As I began to fix my hair, I heard my phone ringing.                     Crane Calling......                       Ringing........."Hey""What's up""It's seems that you're doing something""Yup, I need to, for the dare""Well, you really hate giving your sports car away?""Yeah, It's one of my favourite""Okay, finish the dare and your car is all yours""I know, Where's Lucas?""He's sorrounded by the girls again, showing off"
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Chapter Nine
SARAH'S POVAfter he left. I sat on the couch and calmed myself. Thinking of what I said earlier, I think he might not want to bother me anymore. I didn't want too, to be followed by him.As the clock strikes at five I quickly change my clothes and walk to the bus station.When I arrived there, I saw the bus coming so I stood there and wait for it.As soon as it stops infront of me. I quickly walked in and find a single seat , luckily I've got one.I sat there and plugged my earphones to my ears and listen to some music.While listening to it. I turned my head to see the view of the nature. But looking at it is like remebering the past, so I quickly turned my head and focused infront.As soon as the bus stop. I made my way out and walked to the coffee shop."Freind!!".....I heard someone shouting and, It's somehow familliar so when I lift my head to look, I saw Lesley walking near me.She hugged me and I hugged her.
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