Chapter Forty Eight



"An orphan bitch"*t

"KLEIR!"...I shouted.

I don't know but suddenly I got sorked up on what she said.

I felt anger inside me when I heard her say that.

"W-wayne?"...she stuttered but I glared at her. "What the do you think you're doing right now?"...I asked.

"No! I-it's not what you think Wayne"...she said and then began pointing her as if she retaliated only. "She-...she started it. She hit me with that box full of glasses"...I didn't spoke but looked at Sarah who was wiping her shirt.

I wanted to ask her what happened but seeing her like this. I just wanna check up on her.

"Are you okay?"...I asked but she ignored me. "Yeah, I'm fine"...yet gave me an answer.

That being said. I felt assured.

"Seriously! Wayne? Aren't you gonna ask her about what she did?!"...oh, I forget, she's still here I guess.

"What is this? You're not like that Wayne? What the hell happened to you?"...well I should be asking that same wuestion to you.

"Nothing happened you're j
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