Chapter Six

"It's already 7:00 am, I should go by now"....I said while finishing packing my things and the toys that I was about to give to the orphanage.

After locking the door I walked from the neighborhood to thebus station.

Since it's in Hilltown, I need to take a bus and a cab to be there. That's my hometown ofcourse I know.

The moment the bus arrived. I quickly walked in the bus and find a single seat for me But I noticed that the single seats are full so I have no choice but to be seated beside the man sitting in the middle part of the bus.

As I sat on it. I put down the big box I was carrying. It's not actually big. It's just enough for me to carry alone.

"Where are you going?".....I was a bit shock at this mans voice when he asked me. "Can you stop chasing me?"

I irritatingly said. Yeah It's the JERK again.

"I will not until..." he paused and remove his cap and mask, so I can now clearly see his face.

"Until what? I accept your freaki'n offer? No way?".....I coldly said and focused on the ride.

"Tell me, where are you going?"...he asked again. "Why do you care?"...


"You know what, You're annoying, you're the only one who made me talk this much! I've never talk this much to a person I didn't even know and now asking me such offer that I didn't even know why?!"......I couldn't stop myself from yelling at him but just enough for us two to be heard.

"I..I'm sorry, I know it's too sudden, but I really need your help"...he said looking down. But I don't care anyways, he's a heartbreaker, and now what he's trying to break one again? Well, sorry, but my heart is already broken.

After that we're now quiet, not even making any single noise.

And soon we arrived at our desti---wait I am the only one who will go here not him.

As I get off the bus I noticed that he got off too, but who cares anayway,

I went straight to the side of the road and wait 'til a taxi came.

"Don't follow me".....I almost shouted at him while geeting on the taxi, and tells the driver to drive away quickly amd he did.

After that, I finally found piece and  lean my body at the back.

It was not too long to get to the orphanage so As I made my out, I grabbed the box and landed it in the side road.

I looked at the gate fullof rust and it's locked. Luckily there is a guard, more like a caretaker inside.

He noticed me and he opened wide the gate so I could enter. "Hi young lady, what brought you here?"...he asked, I can't explain why and I didn't even tell the nuns ny visit.

"I...ah..I am S-sarah Johnson".....I introduced my name.

"Oh You're Sarah, the one that Sister Ann told me about, come in, come in dear"....he gladly let me in before locking the gate again.

"Are you here for a visit?"

"Ah...Y-y-yeah"...I said and he guides me the way inside the orphanage so I followed him.

"You know what, Sister Ann tells a lot about you"....She did? Welll by the time I was sent here, she was the only nun Italked with.

"Oh , here it is, Sister Ann occupy thus room"....he stated and I nod at him.

"Thank you Mister"....I politely said.

"Just Bob"....he said and I nod again before he starts walking away.

I let out a breath before Knocking the door.


"Who is it?"....I heard a voice inside, maybe it's Sister Ann.

She opened the door and there I stood infront of her.

"S-sarah!"...she softly said while looking at me. "Oh God, I missed you, we missed you here"....she said and hugged me so I hugged her back.

"Why didn't you tell me, that you're going to visit?"....She asked and releases our hug.

"I didn't want to bother you and...ah Sister Ann I brought toys"....I said while pointing out the big box I was carrying.


"It's been years and now you're all grown up"...she said while we we're walking through the hallway.

"Where do you libe now?"...she asked.

"I have a house in the city Sister, and I have a job, and I'm in college right now"....I said and she smiled.

"Good, okay let me taje that box"...she offered and I handed her the box.

"The kids right now is in the garden right now"....she stated and I could only nod at her.

"Do you plan to visit your parents and grandma today?"....she asked and I nod.

"Yes, sister, It's been so long since I've visited them"

""....she handed me a tea and sat down.

"Did you made friends already?"...Yeah she knows me, I'm not friendly years ago.

"I have one, Sister"

"Good thing you have I thought you will never be associating with anyone anymore"

I could only smile slightly at what she said.

"So, let's go the kids will definitely love to see that you brought toys from them"....she stated and I followed her while picking up again the box full of toys.

As we arrived at the living room, I saw a tons of kid gathered around it.

"Hi Kids!"...Sister Ann greeted them.

"Hello Sister Ann"....the kids greeted back.

"And....I have here your Big sister Sarah, she was once an orphan here"....she explained and now all the kids stared at me.

"H-hi kids".....I shyly said, and smiled a bit infront of them.

"Hi Sister Sarah"...they said in unison while I just stared at them.

While sister Ann was speaking I couldn't help but to stare at the kids here in the orphanage. Just then I noticed that I was already imagining myself back then.

I was like them too. No mom or dad. They died and it's because of me.

I was in a deep thought when Sister Ann gave me a look so I brushed away that memory.

"Okay kids, just take it slowly, you will all have the toys one by one so don't push each other okay"

I then sat down on a chair near them and stared at them while they are busy getting their toys.


"Sarah! Dear?"....I heard mom calling me so I walked out my room and walk downstairs.

"Hey mom"....I said and greet her aith a hug.

"How's school?"....she asked.

"It's nice mommy and fun"....I happily said. "What about friends? Did you make one?"...She asked me again.

"No"....I said.

"Why not? Did someone bully you?"

"No its not that mom, it's just I don't want to"

"Why not baby?"

"I don't know, I just don't feel hanging with them having fun"

" know baby, It's good to have friends too" said

"I'm fine alone, but I'll try"....I said and that made my mom smiked at me.

" I have here..."....she said thrillingly as she showed me a big box.

"What's that Mom?"

"You're favorite toy".....she said as she showed me the box of various kinds of puzzle.

"Oh wow!"....I exclaimed and give my mom a hug, no definitely a tight hug.

"Here, take it to your room" ordered and I did what she said and played in my room.

Afternoon came and my mom was busy preparing dinner when I heard a sound of car. It must be dad.

I walked out in my room and walk downstairs to see of it's dad and indeed it was dad, carrying his briefcase.

"Dad!"....I said and ran to him for a hug. "Oh how's our princess?"

"I'm okay dad"

"Good, where's mommy?"

"Preparing dinner"....I said and we walked together through the house.

"Hmmm, smells good, honey, what are you cooking?"

"Your favorite" said to dad. My dad's favorite is chicken curry.

"Oh...ok, let me chabge first"

", Mom bought me puzzle"....I happily anounced as he glanced at me sitting on the chair.

"Oh really, looks like you've got a new toy then"

"Yes dad, and it's my favorite one mom had bought for me"

"Okay...let me see" asked for it so I quickly walk upstairs to get it in my room.

After I showed dad my toy we put it aside and ate dinner.

We chatted and mostly dad and mam chatted so and that night we're a complete family.

End of Flashback.......

And that night is the last night We have gotten a peaceful and happy dinner.

Then I noticed that a tear had escaped my eye, but before I can wipe it away, one of the kids walked near me.

"Why are you crying big sis?"..she asked and then I looked at her.

"Oh...nothing I'm just sleeoy that's why my tears came out"

"Oh..okay, thanks for the toy Big sis"....she thanked me and I smiled at her.

When it the afternoon came I left the orphanage and visit my mom and dad's grave in the cemetery.

As I enter it my heart couldn't help but beat louder and faster so I hold the flowers tightly.


I found them, a tear escaped my eye as I began to sat on the grass.

I landed the flower on the grass near their grave and start to caress their graves.

"I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry dad"...I said while crying. "I shouldn't have asked you that day"

"It's all my fault"....I said and cried.

I couldn't stop myself from crying as I reminisce everything that happened in the past.

I blame the truck, the driver on it, It's just that....Is he asleep or something? Curse that Jerk.

But most of all I blame myself, It's all my fault If I haven't asked my mom that day for a water bottle, they could be alive right now.

I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry dad, It's all my fault.

To be continued.......

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