Chapter Eight

Morning came and I got up early. It's sunday today and I don't know her whereabouts but I do know her address so I will go there and check.

And if you're about to ask where did I or who gave me her address, Well, someone didn't tell it to me.

We have our research in every girl here in the university including her, well except for the teachers.

As I began to fix my hair, I heard my phone ringing.

                     Crane Calling......



"What's up"

"It's seems that you're doing something"

"Yup, I need to, for the dare"

"Well, you really hate giving your sports car away?"

"Yeah, It's one of my favourite"

"Okay, finish the dare and your car is all yours"

"I know, Where's Lucas?"

"He's sorrounded by the girls again, showing off"


"We'll see you on monday then, let's see if you can make her agreed"

"Definitely dude, I'm Wayne remember"

"Don't boast, you just said the other day that she's completely a rock"

"Yeah, I have to go"

"Bye bro"

I ended the call and now I'm going to drive my bike. I'm not really fond of a car, except my sports one. I'm really into bike.

As I got to her address. I walked near the gate and pressed the doorbell.

I pressed it once but no one responded, so I pressed it again, but still no one responded, and now I pressed it multiple times until I heard a shout.

"Hey, do you want to break my doorbell?"....she shouted so I stopped prsssing it.

"I thought you're not in so I pressed it until you hear it"

"I know you're coming so I didn't bother welcoming you, and why are you here again"

"The offer, please help me"....I pleaded and pouted si that she could be convinced.

"No, definitely not"

"Why not?"

"I just don't want and you're a jerk"

After she said that she quickly walked in her house so I followed her. I unlicked the gate and opened it for me to enter.

"Is it that hard to help someone?"...I frankly asked and she looked at me with a deep and cold eyes.

"Is it that hard?"....I asked again bits she only stared at me.

"You don't know me, Jerk, And yes I admit, It's hard for me to help someone, It's hard for me to associate with people, It's hard for me to give some help when the ending is I'm the one who's at fault for helping him. It's hard to grant people's wish when you know that you can't help them"....she said.

And There I found myself staring at her. I didn't utter a single word. Looking from her deep and expressionless eyes through her pointed nose and thin lips.

"It's hard for me, so please stop this nonsense and quit following me around. I don't like it".....she said and locked the door infront of me.

I was still in a deep thought, but I think I need to give up this time.

So I called Crane and Lucas for a video chat.

"Hey!"...they both said.

"Hmm"....I can only let a sigh.

"What's wrong dude?"

"I'm giving up the dare"

"Why?!"....It's shocking for them because for the first time I've turned a dare down. 

"I don't want to bother her"...I said. I can feel that she's going through a lot that's why I turned the dare down. I don't care about my sports car.

"So..."....Lucas mumbled.

"You can have my sports car"

"Oww...kay thanks bro, but are you okay?".

"Yeah, and let's stop this dare, we've been doing this every year"


"Wayne is right, Listen to him Lucas, it's good to stop"


"I'll meet you at the mall"

"Okay"....they both agreed and ended the call.

As I walked out her house, I took a glance again before leaving.

It's such a bad news that I couldn't get her agreed but on the otherside, I feel that something is going on so I won't bother her again.

As I ride my bike to the mall. I couldn't keep myself from thinking of what she said earlier.

"It's hard for me to help someone, It's hard for me to associate with people, It's hard for me to give some help, when the ending is I'm the one who's at fault for helping him. It's hard to grant people's wish when you know that you can't help them"

I was lost in a deep thoughts and noticed that I'm already here so I parked at the parking lot of the mall and took off my helmet.

Oh my god, Look its Wayne....

He's really handsome...Oh my!!

God, I want to be his!!

Wayne Notice me please!!

I heard some girls fangirling and whispering when I took off my helmet.

I'm used to it everyday. Yeah I'm handsome, that's why wherever I go, I can hear or see someone fangirling me.

After that I walked pass them and walk inside the mall to see my friends.

As I'm walking inside I received a text messages from Crane, so I quickly open my phone to see the text message..


           Hey bro! Where are you? We're at the mall already. We're at Starbucks

After that I went staright where starbucks is and look for them inside.

After I found them. I sat on an empty chair and look at them.

"Hey dude!"....Lucas called me and I looked at him. "What?"

"Are you ok?"....Crane asked.

"Yeah, definitely"

"Then why do you look so down"

"I know"....Crane said. "He's sad that his sports car aill be given to you haha"....he laughed.

"Hey dude, It's your first time today, turning down a dare, What happened?"

"Nothing, I just don't think it's a good idea to bother her, It's just I've been following her for three days, and her answer are all the same, Everytime that I will brought up the offer, She will say no to me"....I explained and they just stared at me.

"Woah....she's really that hard?"....I nod at him for saying that. "I can't beleive she makes you gave up and turned down the dare, and even banned us from doing it?"...Lucas shockingly said.

"It's not because of her, Idiot, It's just we've been doing this every year and we almost dated all the girls in the universities".....I said and they agreed with me since what I said is true.

"Well, you're the boss, so we will follow and stopped from doing that..from now on".....Lucas surrendered and raise her hand.

"I do too"....Crane did too what Lucas has done. "Tsk! Put your hands down, we're only stopping, we're not surrendering oursleves"...I said and they put it down.

"SO what are we gonna do now?"...Crane asked since that game focused more of our attention, we didn't care about anything else.

"Let's just focus on our studies and there's an upcoming game this friday, we need to practice"....I said and they nod and we've decided to go out and go home.

After I got home I am all alone because mom have work during evening, she's the one managing everything that dad left.

Starting from our businesses, The hotels that we owned and everything.

And I missed him, I miss playing with him when I was a little boy.

As I think of that I began to be sad again so I shook my head and set that thoughts aside.

After that I went to bed and lay mayself down and waited till I falls asleep...

I couldn't live like that anymore. I should waste more time to the most important things.

To be continued.............

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