“What is this ‘someone like me’ stuff? What are you trying to say?” Lorenzo asked.  

“It means that I’m no high-society material. I’ve always been picked upon for being an illegitimate child. It was something everybody knew about me and it made my life a living hell until I grew enough to defend myself. But just so you’d know, I didn’t accept to be your wife for your money or for being saved, Lorenzo. Please believe that,” Phoebe replied putting her hand on his.

“No damn wonder you find it so hard to lean on me.”

“Lorenzo, most people I've tried to lean on in life fell over like pieces of a domino. The next second they chose to leave me behind or forget about me,” Phoebe said with a bitter laugh, wishing she hadn't mentioned her childhood.

‘But I won't fell down or leave you alone,” Lorenzo intoned very seriously. “You have to learn to trust me,

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Oh this is awful. I honestly don’t know why they are married

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