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Language: English
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Lorenzo De Angelis, a seductive Italian tycoon discovers a cleaning woman hiding in a corner of his office and is immediately taken with the alluring woman he uncovers. But when Phoebe Stone overhears some confidential information, he is handed a convenient excuse to keep her chained to his side for the next few days.

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Marena John Lambrou
An exceptional book! I loved the Italian language in it. I love all her books. I was glad that both main characters were smart!
2023-11-21 10:22:37
user avatar
2.9.2023(the date i read it) can't complaint much..always addicted to your them..
2023-09-02 17:48:39
user avatar
Azza Omar
Basically I am like really in a marathon reading all Emma Swan's stories. Each unique and different. Thank you
2023-06-03 10:57:26
user avatar
Hannah Chic
Emma you are really good I was about to close the app but I am always enticed by your stories. You really have a gift and you should definitely keep writing. Congratulations!!!
2023-05-01 08:34:50
user avatar
Emma Swan never disappoints....I love her books. keep writing Emma
2022-10-23 05:39:04
user avatar
Sheraline Austin
From what I have read,absolutely loved them. Short and sweet ....
2022-05-22 01:55:50
user avatar
Ashley Barbour
I have read all your books and love them. When is the next one coming out. I'm waiting
2022-04-28 10:48:27
user avatar
Ninfa Galendez
i love the story. thank you author emma swan for writing such a short but interesting story.
2022-04-01 10:16:34
user avatar
Kay Sysn
very nice, enjoyed it
2021-12-30 03:07:52
user avatar
Another great read. This is just the 2nd book I’ve read from you back to back and I am looking forward to reading more.
2021-12-01 05:45:55
user avatar
Linda Garza
I loved the story
2021-10-28 00:24:09
user avatar
Eleonor Escrupolo Dela Cruz
awesome story. I loved it.
2021-10-20 08:10:33
user avatar
Emma Swan
hi! You may find glimpses of these two characters in another of my books here, "Rewrite The Stars". Lorenzo and Phoebe appear there too.
2021-09-30 15:02:24
user avatar
Muh'd Princess Umm
I love this story
2021-09-08 20:06:57
user avatar
AMAZING! I'm loving the books by Emily Swan.
2021-07-18 09:53:41
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32 Chapters
“Please tell me that this is not what you’re going to wear on your head…”           Phoebe Stone raised her hand to the white scarf with little red hearts she was wearing on her head to cover the long, curly, red hair. Then she gave her co-worker a hurt look and pressed the button of the service elevator.   “Roxie, I’m here to clean the offices. Not to be part of a fashion show. I’m not particularly fond of this scarf, but the other one that I usually use is still in my dirty laundry basket. I needed something to cover my head and I found this. End of the story.”            The older woman looked at her with a squint. An ‘Mhm’ came out from Roxie’s lips and, after sighing deeply, Phoebe decided to come clean. “Okay… The reason is… Well, there is this guy that’s working as a high-rise window cleaner… We bumped into each other a few times while w
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         ‘Girl’? Really? She was a full-grown woman and this… bully was treating her like she was a kid caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar.“My name is Phoebe Stone and whether if you like it or not, I’m going out of here. What… what are you doing?” she gasped.          But it was too late. De Angelis had already taken away the scarf she had tied round her head. Her red curls fell on her shoulders in tumbled disarray. He moved even closer to her. ‘Man, he is so tall…’ she thought swallowing hard and looking around for an easy way out of this situation.          Even if his size was a threat to a petite woman like her, Phoebe decided not to show that she was afraid. So, she gazed up at him, green eyes locking into piercing icy blue.   &n
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“Are you absolutely mad?” Phoebe mumbled shakily.“Do you live alone or with your family?” he questioned without listening to her words.          Transfixed by her own bewilderment, Phoebe heard herself muttered her answer.“Alone, but…”          A winged ebony brow rose at that news, icy eyes briefly welding to her beautiful face.“You are surprising, Phoebe Stone. Where do you keep your passport at home?”“The first drawer of my desk, but why…?”          Lorenzo De Angelis punched out a number on his smartphone.“I don't see any alternative to a trip to Italy,” he informed her in a sardonic aside. “I could keep you without a phone, but I am not that heartless. And I can hardly ask my household staff
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          Quite unaffected by Phoebe's growing antipathy, which she expressed in frigid silence, Lorenzo De Angelis marched her through the airport to a busy shopping area. Walking straight into an exclusive boutique, he headed for a rack of lightweight black skirt suits and dresses.          Without asking the saleswoman for help, Lorenzo took the smallest sizes available and dumped them into Phoebe's startled arms. Then he snatched other clothes and accessories from the display shelf above and added them.          Every single woman in the shop was looking at him with eyes filled with admiration, shock, desire. Totally mortified, Phoebe gave them a slight smile then she came closer to Lorenzo.“What are you doing?” she whispered in a horrified undertone.“This is called shopping. You should try it sometimes,” Loren
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          He scanned Phoebe’s pale face. Seeing the rage in his eyes froze the blood in her veins. She tried to talk, to say something, anything, but no word would come out.“You told me that I could trust you,” Lorenzo said slowly, but angrily. “Well… I’m glad I didn’t. The instant I allowed you out of my sight, you rushed to the phone to pass on the information you overheard. You betrayed me!”          Lorenzo was enraged, she could feel that, but he condemned her using a tone she never heard from him since this whole thing started. He was genuinely disappointed in her behavior. She was trembling with apprehension, but, strangely enough, Phoebe felt also saddened by his unexpected reaction.“Mr. De Angelis…” she began, ready to show him that she wasn’t a bad person or a traitor.“I tried to give you a chance, I really did, but you have made your choice. ‘Così sia.
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          Phoebe punched out the number. As soon as he heard her voice, Stephen asked anxiously if something had happened at the bookshop. Reassuring him, but resentfully conscious of Lorenzo listening to every word, Phoebe explained that she would be off work for a couple of days and apologized for the lack of warning she was giving him. She said a close friend was ill.          Ending the call with relief, she returned the phone to Lorenzo. He shot her a grim, measuring look.“You are good. Such a convincing liar.”          She just looked at him without saying a word. Her eyes were saying to him more than enough. Lorenzo smiled and turned toward Alessandro to give him a few recommendations. Phoebe looked away, trying hard not to cry in front of this dreadful man.        
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          His father! What could be worse? Of course, he hadn't wanted to have her there over the next couple of days. So why on earth had Lorenzo insisted that she had to accompany him?          Ok, Lorenzo De Angelis lived in a gilded world of immense wealth and privilege. He was a member of incredibly high-powered circles. She wished she understood how that information could be as hugely important as he seemed to think it was. He thought she was a spy, so maybe it was a matter of exponential importance for Lorenzo. He was talking about business the night before his father’s funeral.          Those extremely confidential business plans he was so fired up about, this pretending to be interested in one company while really being interested in another… all this was so important for him that he had to drag her away across t
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          Phoebe’s quick temper, already taxed to its limits by Antonio's offensive familiarity, simply erupted. Reacting on instinct alone, her hand flew up and she slapped Lorenzo so hard across one cheekbone her fingers stung like mad.“No man calls me a whore!” she yelled in furious condemnation. “Not even you, Lorenzo De Angelis!”          As the livid marks of that slap sprang up across one slashing cheekbone, Lorenzo stared back at her with truly stunned gaze. Even though Phoebe instantly knew that she had gone too far, she was far too angry to acknowledge her mistake. But she won’t apologize.“And your snake of a cousin deserves the same!” she launched in defiant addition. “Who does that little prick think he is? Drooling over me, reaching out to grab me like I'm some piece of meat! And how dare you behave in su
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          The blonde Mia planted a cool kiss on his cheek and then addressed him in Italian only. She ignored Phoebe. But Phoebe was grateful to be ignored because she was embarrassed by Lorenzo's stubborn determination to keep her by his side.          Still talking to Mia, whom Phoebe now assumed to be a close relative, Lorenzo walked them both into a vast reception room. Other people began to arrive. Mia took up position like a seasoned hostess. Lorenzo's grip on Phoebe's fingers had mercifully loosened, and she tried to pull away, hoping to retire to a dark corner.          But not only did Lorenzo retain his hold on her. He also swept her forward and introduced her, although nobody got the chance to engage her in any actual conversation. Many curious eyes lingered on her, but Lorenzo kept both of them on the move. He exchanged a wo
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          She swallowed hard and felt her skin burning under his fiery gaze. Phoebe started trembling, outraged that he stood there, spying on her, and not announcing immediately his presence.“You should've told me you were here... I don’t like to be watched while dancing!”“I didn't want to interrupt you... ‘Mi hai tolto il fiato!’ (Ita for ‘You took my breath away!’)”          A shimmer of gold as bright as a flame glimmered in Lorenzo's eyes. From her rosy cheeks moved on her ripe mouth. Her lips parted.“I know that this is your house, but you can’t spy on me...” she protested unevenly, her slight frame tautening in instinctive reaction to the growing tension in the atmosphere. "You should've made your presence known."       Lo
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