“This is not the way I wanted the world to discover about our child,” Lorenzo commented trying to keep some restraint.

“No...” Phoebe agreed, trembling.

“You should’ve told me everything about your past. I might have been able to protect you… us better.”

          Hearing his tone filled with disappointment, Phoebe flinched. None of what was in that newspaper was her fault. There was some truth in the article, but also a lot of lies and exaggerations. His gaze was judgmental.

“For starters, I had no idea that you and your mother were treated like pariahs. Another thing you didn’t mention.”

“Lorenzo, my mother was an unmarried woman and all her rich friends started treating her even worse once her father lost their fortune.”

          Remembering those moments, what her mother

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Rebecca Kathryn Christy
Red flag. ... he gaslights her.

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