Chapter 44

In accordance with Adam's orders, Jes immediately changed her clothes.  She wears black pants and a black long shirt with a brown leather vest.  Don't forget to wear boots and as a sweetener, she uses a hat.

 Even though she only uses light makeup, but Jes looks very beautiful.  The sound of her footsteps was able to distract all the attention of the inhabitants of the mansion.  Jes's different appearance is able to make the residents of the mansion attracted to her.

 But Jes didn't mind the many eyes staring at her.  What she cared about was to meet Adam soon, she seemed to be impatient to join Adam on the hunt.  This will be a first and fun experience for Jeslyn.

 "I'm ready!"  Shrieked happily toward Adam.

 David struggled to sip his saliva, but he immediately got Adam's glare.  How could he dare to admire this beautiful creature created by God because it is clear that now it belongs to Adam compl

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