The Stalker

The Stalker

By:  mrs geeky  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jeslyn never expected a stalker to follow her all this time. The stalker was a big mobster who was quite famous in continent A. Right on the day of her wedding with June, Jeslyn was kidnapped by the stalker. Jeslyn was taken to a magnificent and luxurious mansion but it was remote. This story uses a slow plot and is not rushed. If you like stories with fast rhythms, this is not an option. But you can try to read it first, who knows it's addictive. This story is only fictitious, if there is a similarity in name and the incident is not an element of intent. Happy reading :)

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53 Chapters
Jeslyn Baker is 25 years old.  A woman with a beautiful appearance, gentle and charming.  The first daughter of the Baker family. Jeslyn has a famous bakery in the capital of N State. A wide variety of cakes and breads are sold at fantastic prices, above the average bakery price.  Because  of hard work, produced results being able to partner with several well-known artists to collaborate with his bakery. Jeslyn has a boyfriend, 26 year old June Palmer who works as a marketing staff at a property company.  They have been dating for 3 years and are about to plan a wedding. This story is only fictitious, if there are similarities in names and events, it can be ascertained that it is not an element of intent.  This story is written purely from the results of shaming and imagining before going to sleep. Happy reading.  Don't ask for haste because this story uses a slow plot.  If you like stories with
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Chapter 1
The wedding day has arrived.  Jes and June's wedding will be held in a ballroom at a five-star hotel that is very popular in N. Country. The entire Jes family has also prepared to wear clothes that match Jes's wedding dress.  Jes uses a white dress, the dress code for the invited guests is the same because Jes doesn't like too many colors.  Their wedding decoration is also completely white, looks beautiful and doesn't leave an elegant image. The Bakers are business people.  They have a company and are still well managed by Mr.  Darwin Baker.  The company should now be managed by Jes, but Jes refuses because prefers to do business on his own by opening a bakery. Not only that, Mrs.  Beatrix also did not hesitate to help Mr.  Darwin at the company.  Both are active and equally reliable in the field of business.  Only Jes's younger sister is different, tends to be lazy and doesn't like to work.
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Chapter 2
A handsome man with a tall build, broad chest, heavy arms and a stomach like torn bread.  Grow fine hairs around the face.  The facial line is firm and has a creepy aura.  The black eyes were sharp, as sharp as an eagle.  Black hair and cropped.  If stared closely, it's almost perfect, it's just that the boy looks creepy.  The man was named Adam Wilson, but all his workers often called him Lord. Adam sat opposite a man who was no less handsome than him.  Call it yourself David, Adam's personal assistant. Even though it was nearing dawn, the two men did not fall asleep.  Even though Adam hasn't slept in two days, but his two black beads are still perfectly open.  Even still able to give everyone a glare. Adam and David were busy in front of a computer screen, they were working hard on a mission.  David is a reliable hacker who can undoubtedly have his abilities, it only took hundreds of hours to com
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Chapter 3
June and her family arrived at the hotel, wearing a matching white tuxedo with the dress worn by Jes.  You can imagine a beautiful and handsome couple who will be side by side in the wedding, they will definitely look so perfect. June sped up the pace because the event was about to begin.  A sweet smile etched on the lips, adding to the level of his good looks. In contrast to the people inside the hotel, the gloomy atmosphere was filled with panic.  They are busy looking for Jeslyn's whereabouts.  There is no single clue, only a broken glass smacked on the floor.  Meanwhile, the makeup artists were also not known for Jes' whereabouts. Darwin's face was white.  The wedding ceremony will take place at 10 am, but he has not found his child.  Darwin's bodyguards were busy looking for Jes' whereabouts, but never found them. Darwin sat limply on the edge of the bed, the room where Jes had made up himself.&n
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Chapter 4
Jeslyn was taken to a very large and magnificent mansion.  But the place is very remote, more precisely in the middle of the forest.  No one knows the whereabouts of the mansion except Adam's men.  In addition, the forest is Adam's private forest.  It is in town A, very far from the capital city of Country N. Where Jes previously lived. Jeslyn is still unconscious because she is still affected by the anesthetic.  Taken to a very large and magnificent bedroom.  Still wearing his wedding dress, Adam and several bodyguards and David waited for Jes to regain consciousness. Adam couldn't wait to see Jes' reaction.  Those eyes didn't stop staring at Jes's face, a gaze that was difficult to interpret.  Meanwhile David is still trying his best to fight drowsiness.  Once in a while he yawned and David's eyes were already red. Jes blinked, looking around the room.  What a surprise, Jes found some men who had
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Chapter 5
 "Prepare everything!"  Adam orders to a servant and a bodyguard devoted to Jes. Anne and Jane immediately took theirs place.  Meanwhile, David immediately moved to prepare for Jes and Adam's wedding before sunset. Jes was still sobbing hugging her knees on the bed, crying uncontrollably.  The body also trembled with fear, occasionally calling the name June.  But it's useless, how could June be able to help Jes. Anne and Jane nudged each other with their elbows when they saw Jes' state.  There is pity, but what can they do.  Even if they could help they would definitely free Jes now. "Miss," Anne greeted Jes in her low voice.  Jes was still sobbing, reluctant to look at them.  Jes actually shifted her butt because he didn't want to be approached by Anne and Jane. The confused Anne just looked at Jane for advice.  Jane sighed harshly.  "Miss, you should immedi
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Chapter 6
The wedding ceremony is over.  Now Adam and Jeslyn have officially become husband and wife.  Their marriage is also valid in the eyes of law and religion, they already have a marriage certificate. There were no parties or eating events, after the wedding ceremony was over, everything broke up.  Their place of blessing was also clean and back to normal.  This is not a joy, so why should a party be held. Anne and Jane returned to escort Jes to his bedroom.  Replaces Jes with regular clothes and serves all Jes needs. Jes's eyes were swollen, she sat on the balcony staring outside.  But his gaze was blank, while her face was just a flat expression.  Like a person who is losing her soul. Jane and Anne look sorry, but what can they do?  Given that they are only a worker from Adam whose job is to obey and obey. "Are you all right, Miss?"  Asked Anne softly. "I'm fine," Jes r
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Chapter 7
After dinner Adam and Jes were supposed to enjoy their first night, but it was just a delusion.  Adam still has work to do.  Very important and cannot be represented or left out. David's desire to sleep well was also canceled again, because tonight they have to make a sale and purchase transaction. Adam and David got ready with all black clothes, starting from their pants, shirt, coat, tie to their shoes all black.  They are in a secret room filled with various types of weapons.  The room looked creepy, the light was dim and there was nothing but weapons. Adam took several pistols, and then he hid them in his coat pocket.  David did the same thing, but he used a black face mask.  The face mask was never missed even though the black world counterpart already knew his face.  David reasoned because he did not want to indulge his good looks.  What makes sense?  Let's just say it's true. David is
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Chapter 8
Adam and his bodyguards have arrived at the mansion.  The atmosphere was still quiet, there was no sign of life in the mansion yet.  Everyone was still asleep in their dreams, only a few bodyguards were on guard.  The new clock was 4 a.m.  Maybe soon the maids will wake up. Adam walked into the mansion, he limped.  Because his left leg was injured, just below the knee.  David just walked behind Adam, repeatedly offering to help Adam support him.  But Adam always refused.  How could Adam want to accept, he was very stubborn and always felt he could.  Even though he was injured. David quickened his pace a bit, leveling up with Adam.  "Lord, I better call the doctor first so that your wound can be treated immediately." Adam just chuckled lazily.  “Don't overdo it, Dave!  It's just a small wound. "  Evidently not if Adam was stubborn.  Turning down David's obvious offer was for his
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Chapter 9
It was already early in the morning, it didn't feel like the clock had shown half past six in the morning.  Again David had not gone to bed yet, he still had to take care of and serve some of his master's needs. While Adam hasn't slept in three days, his eyes are already gloomy.  But he continued to insist on guard, who knows what was on his mind. Jes managed to haunt his mind, Adam had been lying on the sofa for almost an hour but could not fall asleep.  All he had in mind was Jes, he was eager to see how Jes was doing.  But his body always refused to go to Jes. After thinking for a while, finally Adam decided to leave the study.  He was about to enter the main room, saw Jes. Jes had awakened from a sleep that wasn't sound at all, it could even be said that she couldn't sleep all night.  Jes descended the stairs, intending to go down to the ground floor.  When she reached the second floor, she accide
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