Chapter 50

Jes grabbed Adam's arm causing Adam to turn around.  Jess shook her head.  “I don't want to eat anything other than spice porridge.”  she asked.

 Jes looked at Anne and Jane.  “Can you guys make me some spice porridge?”

 Anne and Jane nodded in unison.  "Of course we'd be happy to make one for you."  said Anne.

 Adam was still silent, seemed to be thinking about something.  He also did not agree to Jes's request, nor did he allow Anne and Jane to make the porridge.

 "Wait!"  Adam prevents Anne and Jane from leaving.  They stopped their footsteps.  He turned to Adam slowly, struggling to gulp down his saliva.  They forget if they haven't asked Adam's permission.

 They just looked down and didn't dare to look at Adam, they didn't even know what Adam's face was like now.

 “Forgive us, Lord.  We forgot to ask your permission.&r

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