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Blaze is looking at the dead body which is hard to identify. After skinning Stephen alive, he ordered his guards to throw him away in the forest in the middle of Wild animals. After two days, the locals found a dead body of a man, which was mostly eaten away by animals. Now several insects are eating the remnants of the flesh. Bones and just some flesh can be seen on the body. It can belong to anyone but Knows otherwise. 

This body belongs to Stephen. The Royal armlet that is still hanging to his bony arm is the proof. That is how the locals identified the body. Blaze is now content. He cannot say that he is happy. His happiness comes from Bella. He will be happy when he is with her. Every moment spent in her company is his happiness.

But today he served Justice for every bad thing Stephen has done. He is sure his parents would be looking down at everything that is happening here, and they would finally be at peace. 

Blaze turned away from the body and

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