Dragon's Misplaced Mate

Dragon's Misplaced Mate

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Blaze is the black dragon, who is the king of the dark realm. The unknown realm in the Fairy. Only a few Fae know about the existence of the biggest realm in Fairy.Blaze is powerful, fierce, domineering, minds his own business and his word is a rule in the dark realm. He is intelligent and prefers to be alone. He doesn't lack the attention of a woman, but no one ever captured his attention for more than an hour.Isabella is a human girl, who was kidnapped from her home to replace her look-alike, Arabella.Arabella belongs to a rich family in fairy, whose mother is a fae and father is a human man. Her father forced her to participate in the bridal run, where a dragon claims a woman as his bride.Isabella wakes up in fairy, all disoriented. Before she could understand what is happening around her, she is being claimed by Blaze, who usually never participates in these runs, as his bride.Will Blaze find out that the girl he claimed is not who he thinks she is?Can Isabella go back home?Will Isabella's hate for dragons become a hinder to their love?What are the reasons behind her occasionally glowing palms?Where is Koni?Or, is it someone else from his family?Will he be successful in Bela?

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Enjoyed this one as well. It had a few grammatical errors but I was able to understand it.
2023-10-24 03:18:01
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Takiva Graham
great book next book in series is The Dragon's Hidden Mate
2022-08-30 00:43:15
user avatar
Opoku Gyau Bismark
well done am happy to be here
2022-07-25 01:04:46
user avatar
Amoah Duah Lalas
Thanks, it was a nice story and I will love to read it all the time. Big Up's to Blaze and Bella
2022-04-28 16:07:20
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waiting on the third book what's the title
2022-03-09 06:26:19
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Hello guys, I am your author. I have good news for everyone who is waiting for the third book in this series. The book is out and it will be available in 2 to 3 days. Enjoy reading and leave your valuable feed back
2022-03-04 21:54:26
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Isay Medalla Patendol
still waiting for the 3rd book to come out since 2021 ...
2022-03-02 20:52:28
user avatar
waiting for 3rd book..........
2022-02-23 03:46:13
user avatar
Sherrie Ann
when will book 3 be out? What is the name of it
2022-02-05 12:15:35
user avatar
Eric Combs
loved first 2 books when will the 3rd be out? would love to finish the story!
2022-02-02 07:11:19
user avatar
Isay Medalla Patendol
it's already 2022.. still waiting for the 3rd book to come out...HAPPY NEW YEAR Author!!!!
2022-01-15 21:31:10
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Manisha Deepak Vashisht
Amazing book
2022-01-04 19:23:55
user avatar
Trinna Valdez
love this! can't wait for more
2022-01-03 08:06:39
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KeAnna Morehouse
This is a great series like I loved it so much omg please another series please!!!!
2021-12-31 02:34:15
default avatar
Ash Hussain
It’s amazing ...️‍...
2021-12-30 17:42:51
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201 Chapters
In the human world, Isabella was sitting in a chair in front of a huge mirror. She is wearing an expensive designer wedding dress and there are half a dozen make-up artists who are doing her hair and make-up.A traitorous tear, rolled down her cheeks, much to the displeasure of the make-up artist. "If you keep crying like this, your makeup would be ruined. This cannot go like this. I will go and call Mr. Cameron" the Makeup artist snapped at Isabella.Isabella began to panic."No, no, please. Don't call him. Please I will stop crying" Isabella begged the bitchy make-up artist.The make-up artist sneered at Isabelle. "I don't know what he sees in you. He is a rich millionaire and you are a pathetic young girl. You don't deserve him" she muttered, insulting Isabella to her face.Isabella flinched. 'She is not sure what he found in her either' she thought bitterly.Two years ago, a rich man in his late 30's came to
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The bridal run
"You should consider participating in this one. I heard Arabella, the most beautiful half-fae woman is participating in this year's bridal run" my brother Brandon advised.Blaze black remains quiet, without answering his brother. He buttons his black shirt and folds the sleeves a little until the veins in his forearms are exposed.Brandon rolled his eyes at his elder brother's quiet attitude.His brother in his 30 years of age, never shown much interest like Brandon does.Brandon is a playboy, through and through.But Blaze on the other hand is a different story. If he needs a woman, he chooses one and spends a couple of hours with her in his bed, before sending her packing. He doesn't even remember who she was the other day.After taking over the kingdom after their father at 19, Blaze Black attended 11 bridal runs, in which he showed no interest.But Blaze is blaze. He will be silent and speaks if he only wants to. If he is not interested,
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Blaze is feeling restless. He came back inside the palace, after the brides ran away into the forest, to wait for the dragon, whom they like. They would be given a couple of hours head start and the dragons would follow the scent of the woman he likes to claim as his bride.The newly mated couples would emerge somewhere around the next day or two. Then, there would be a ceremony that would be held to celebrate their mating.It would be held after two days. It's been a couple of hours and the dragons must have already found their mates. But for some odd reason, Blaze is restless.There is an ache in his heart that is urging him to go out. But he knows he cannot go out tonight. He looked at the Blue Moon that's shining brightly in the night sky. This is the night when a dragon would lose all his senses and claim a woman if he likes her.The Blue Moon rays will the dragon inside them take over and it will not rest until he claims his mate
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Claim her
Her sea-green eyes flicker with awareness when she heard something move. Her soft plump pink lips parted as she tried to cover her body with her small hands.She walked back deeper into the water until the water covers her chest. She looked around her warily, as her reddish-brown hair looks much darker in the water.Isabella is 5.8 and has a curvy figure. Medium-sized breasts, not too small or not too large, perfect for her figure. A small waist and nice shapely hips.Blaze could see her body perfectly through the clear Lake water. It's not hiding anything from his eyes. He is feasting on her body with his eyes.Blaze is well over 6 .4 and with her 5.8 height, she would still look small beside him. His aqua blue eyes scan her from head to toe, finding pleasure in her increased breathing, and rapid raise and fall of her mounds, with the awareness that someone is watching her.But no matter how much he tried, he couldn't keep his eyes away fro
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His Bride
Throughout the night, Blaze took Isabella more times than he could count. No matter how many times he had her, his hunger became more and he started to crave more of her.They slept somewhere around the early morning hours. Isabella woke up with her body hurting everywhere. As the power of the Blue Moon wore off of her, she began to remember everything that happened the previous night.She opened her eyes wide and sat up with a start.She looked around the dim cave and found that she is alone and naked."Is it a dream?" She wondered loudly.The ache and the soreness she is feeling are telling her that it's not. "Oh my God, I gave up my virginity to someone last night. Bella, how desperate are you? Why did you sleep with him? Were you drunk?" Isabella scolded herself."I need to get out of here before whoever he is could come back. I think I can still find my soiled dress from last night near the shore" she thought a
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Returned memories
Arabella's parents house is a modest 3 storey house, with 4 bed rooms and 5 bathrooms. It's has a garden in front of the house on the right side. On the left side is a driveway for the carriages to come and go. The first floor has a receiving parlour on the right and a kitchen on the left. On the far right corner is the living area and on the left corner is a staircase to go to the upper floors.Isabella stood outside in the garden, confused out of her mind."What just happened? I was standing near that lake. How did I get here?" She thought outloud.A maid who was just coming inside the house, saw Isabella and misunderstood her as Arabella."Miss Arabella? You came back from the run? Come on inside. Your mother and grandmother are waiting for you" the Maid ushered a confused Isabella inside the house.Isabella followed the maid with a confused frown on her face.Elvina is Arabella's mother and Doris is her mother's mother, her grandmo
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After 4 weeks, Bella is now sitting on a chair in the receiving parlour. Arabella's father is adamant to marry his daughter off to a suiter.He began to feel insulted when he found out that his daughter is not claimed by any dragon. As a famous jeweller, he is feeling insulted that his daughter is not claimed by any dragon. So before people began to talk openly about that, he decided to marry his daughter off to a Nobel rich man from their fairy society.Bella is feeling uncomfortable sitting in front of this stranger, while he is oggling her like the pastry in his hands.She discreetly looked towards the door for the other two woman, who begged for her to act like Arabella. They began to call her Bella, and she remembered that strange man on her first night in fairy.'He too called me Bella' she thought.But soon let that thought slip to the back of her mind.'You are not here to stay. As soon as Ari returns, you need to go back to yo
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Searching for her
After his mate escaped, Blaze is hell bent on finding her. He took the addresses of all the bride's that were present that night and left the ones who were claimed by a dragon.He didn't know that there were 210 woman who were participated in this year's run and only 15 of them were claimed by the dragons as their brides.The remaining were sent home to their parents, by the time Blaze returned back. But he know she is not one of them. He saw everyone just before the run. None of them made him feel the way she made him feel. So he decided to search for the entire realm for her.The fact that she ran away after spending a night with him is new to Blaze. Usually woman fall all over themselves to please him. But she is different.The first thing she did after woke up is run away.'Did she know who he is? But then again, even if she doesn't, he is not bad to look at. Why did she run away? She is the first woman who ran away from me. My mat
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Blaze nodded his at Doris and retreated to where he left Brandon. He is sure his mate is in that house and that the older lady is lying to him.But he needs to talk to his mate first. He doesn't know what she must be thinking. 'If she wants to be with him or not, he is not sure. He doesn't know how he will make her agree to be with him if she doesn't like to be with him. But no one can break their bond, which is already formed. The tattoo on his chest, just over his heart is the proof of that' Blaze thought.Brandon on the other hand is searching for his brother. He took off so fast, Brandon was shocked to find him gone in a second."This is the village. My mate is here" Blaze announced as soon as he found Brandon."Really? Did you found her? Then what's the delay? Let's take her back to the palace" Brandon said excitedly."She is here. But I didn't see her yet. You should go back and take care of things there in my absence. It's not good fo
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Blaze is surprised to hear her words.'That night was a mistake?' he thought with amusement.'No my Bella, it's not a mistake. I kept avoiding women all my life, now I like a woman, but she thinks our time together is a mistake? Damn it, woman, how should I make you understand that it's not a mistake? That night, in that forest, it was the night of the bridal run. If she was not willing, then what was she doing there? Isn't she one of the participants? What is going on here? Nothing which happens that night is considered a mistake. Then what is this?' Blaze thought with confusion.'Now I need answers. She is the only one who can answer those questions' he thought.All night, her thoughts and her scent kept assaulting him. He had little to no sleep at all.The next day, he waited for her to come to the forest to collect those tea leaves. But to his disappointment, she didn't. It was almost time for the moonrise when her unique scent assaulted his no
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