"Sofia, can you print those documents for me, please?" Tiffany, a girl from Blake Corporation, who was also working on the project, asked me from her cubicle. 

Temporary cubicle. Because we will be working here only for one and a half  


"Sure, just give me a minute." 

I took the documents from her hand and put them on my desk. As my neighbor cubicle, she was the one I interacted the most with. 

Thanking me, she went back to her work, exhaling an exhausted sigh.

Work was running at its highest speed. Even if we started here just yesterday, it felt like we were doing this for weeks now. 

After the kickback Adrian Larsen gave us in yesterday's meeting, the team working on this project of our company and Blake's company immediately transferred to Larsen Group Of Industries. Well, for a time being. They spar

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