The Trap Of Ace

The Trap Of Ace

By:  Eva Zahan  Completed
Language: English
482 ratings
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Seven years ago, Emerald Hutton had left her family and friends behind for high school in New York City, cradling her broken heart in her hands, to escape just only one person. Her brother's best friend, whom she loved from the day he'd saved her from bullies at the age of seven. Broken by the boy of her dreams and betrayed by her loved ones, Emerald had learned to bury the pieces of her heart in the deepest corner of her memories.Until seven years later, she has to come back to her hometown after finishing her college. The place where now the cold-hearted stone of a billionaire resides, whom her dead heart once used to beat for.Scarred by his past, Achilles Valencian had turned into the man everyone feared. The scorch of his life had filled his heart with bottomless darkness. And the only light that had kept him sane, was his Rosebud. A girl with freckles and turquoise eyes he'd adored all his life. His best friend's little sister.After years of distance, when the time has finally come to capture his light into his territory, Achilles Valencian will play his game. A game to claim what's his. Will Emerald be able to distinguish the flames of love and desire, and charms of the wave that had once flooded her to keep her heart safe? Or she will let the devil lure her into his trap? Because no one ever could escape from his games. He gets what he wants. And this game is called...The trap of Ace. *** Book one of 'Obsessive Billionaires' series

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default avatar
I love the story.
2023-11-06 04:23:00
default avatar
Marie Mendiola
I love them both Cassie and Emerald stories what happen to Beth and Mason
2023-09-08 15:30:05
default avatar
I love the book and the happy ending...
2023-06-11 02:15:41
user avatar
Sumira Jones
i would love another book but with the kids and also Cassie son too
2023-06-02 20:50:54
default avatar
Enjoyed this novel. There were some issues with grammar but I was still able to understand it.
2023-04-30 03:26:06
user avatar
Holly Santiago
When is the third book ... of the series coming out? I can't find it so I figured it is not out yet!
2023-04-26 05:38:04
default avatar
Rita Nweke
I love d storyline and everything about it Good job
2023-04-24 21:14:19
user avatar
good reader
when you will publish your next book eagerly waiting for it
2023-04-23 00:01:33
user avatar
Be prepared to not want to put this book down. It's like you can feel the emotions of the characters.
2023-03-09 15:58:31
user avatar
I love the book, interesting and engaging. Highly recommended!
2023-02-25 14:31:23
user avatar
Nurul Naziha Latip
2023-02-17 19:48:59
user avatar
Zayda Zane
great book loved it so much, mind introducing others more like this, or if I may say, more like Achilles Valencian
2023-01-09 20:37:20
default avatar
Stacey Bunting
Great read
2022-12-31 11:42:10
user avatar
Linda Hunt
I loved this book!!
2022-12-14 11:54:37
user avatar
Eva Zahan
Book Two Of 'Obsessive Billionaires' series is out! Check out 'A Hunt For His Queen'! It's about Duncan De Sylvano and Cassandra. Hope you enjoy the book!
2022-11-15 21:20:38
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78 Chapters
I stared at the girl before me, and her nervous eyes behind those black rimmed glasses were also set on me. Tentatively, I tucked a strayed strand behind my ear and bit my lip. She mimicked. I blinked, so did she."You done with your staredown match with yourself, Em?" A huff came from behind me. "For God's sake! You're doing this for the last five minutes! You're creeping me out now!"I glanced at my best friend through the mirror. With folded arms on her chest, sitting at the edge of my bed, she scowled at me. My eyes went back to my reflection. "I don't know, Beth. Do you think he- he'll like my look?" "After we spent two hours to doll you up? Yes, we think that he'll like your look. And won't reject you when you announce your undying love for him," said my other best friend, Casie, standing beside Beth.Reject. The same word that has been haunting my dreams for years now. I
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Back in the city
I glanced at my wrist.Nine-thirty. "Ma'am, please turn off your cell phone. The plane is about to take off," said the flight attendant in her angelic voice."Yeah, just a minute." I threw her an apologetic look. Nodding her head, she walked away."Mom, I need to hang up now. The crews have already warned me for the second time." "Alright, alright! I will let you go now. You're coming to me in some hours anyway. We will be waiting outside the airport when you'll land!" Excitement dripped from her voice. A sudden homesickness filled my mind. It's been two years since I met them."And keep that boy at an arm's length," Dad called out in the background.Shaking my head, I let out a chuckle. "Alright guys! I will see you at the airport.""Love you, honey!" They intuned together."Lo
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Stormy grey eyes
A knock landed on the door. "You ready, honey? Your Dad is waiting downstairs.""Yeah, Mom. Just give a minute," I replied, staring at my reflection in the mirror. "Alright, come soon." I ran my palm over the red material clung against my skin. It felt smooth. Everything was perfect. The nude make-up, the simple side-parted long hair, the off shoulder gown with a sweetheart neckline and a semi-high slit at the side, everything was in place. "I'm ready," I whispered at my reflection, and those big turquoise eyes of her stared back.Grabbing my black clutch, I smoothed my hair once again and sauntered downstairs.Warner met me at the door. His mouth fell open, his light blue eyes looking up and down my body. "Holy shit! You're looking…" He shook his head. "I've no words."I stretched my lips into a smile. "Thanks. You don't look that ba
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His Rosebud?
The name that used to give me flutters in my tummy, now only added fuel to something that was smoldering inside me for years.I didn't want to be called with that name anymore. "I didn't think my Rosebud could stay mad at me for that long," he drawled out as I kept quiet, eyes searching for something on my face. My Rosebud?Whatever you see on my face, Achilles Valencian, but you won't find the fifteen years old sister of your best friend there. Because she died that night because of you. And the irony was, it wasn't even your fault. "Don't call me that!" My voice came out much like a snap. When he raised a brow, I tried to cool down my nerves. I couldn't show him my anger. And though how much right it seemed, he wasn't at any fault. He didn't even know."I- I've a name. And I'd prefer to be called by that. I don't like when som
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Meeting the devil again
I cleared my throat, catching everyone's attention around the table. The noise of their cutleries and spoons stopped along.I knew what I was about to say would upset them. But it had to be done. So taking a deep breath, I said, "I'm leaving for NY this Friday."Silence. The shock on Tobias's face and sadness that formed over my parents' were clear."But we thought as your college is finished now, you'd stay with us again from now on." Dad's forehead creased. Mom agreed with him."No Dad. I'm not a kid anymore. I can't just crash here just because my college is over. It's time to build my career. So I've to go back," I clarified."But what's wrong with California? You could easily get any job here," Mom argued. "If you want your privacy, honey, then it's alright. But if you look for a job here, at least you can stay close to us." Her voice broke."Why don't you help Tobi
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Always the winner
"W-what're you doing here?" I couldn't even ask without stuttering.Stormy grey eyes roamed over my features, briefly glancing at my lips. They watched me as if they had waited too long… I gave myself an inner shake. I was assuming things that weren't possible."Well?" Voice firm this time. How did he even enter the ladies washroom area? Oh yes, I forgot that he owned this whole damn thing."Came to see if you're okay," he said, deep Greek accent strong. Was he- mad?"How many times do I've to tell you that you don't need to be concerned about me? It's not your job to care for me.""Someone has to if that so-called friend of yours can't even take a stand for you like a loser he is!" he mocked, gaze hard.Friend? So he knew what happened outside?My eyes narrowed. "Excuse me? Don't you think you're crossing your limits he
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The amber rays colored the horizon, manifesting a crown of crimson and pink above the setting sun. Lines of birds flew alongside across the sky in the direction of their shelter; melodic twitters of them felt like an announcement for the darkness to befall.I took in a deep breath, filling my lungs with the cool evening air."Beautiful, isn't it?" Dad said, sitting on the car hood beside me.I nodded, a smile curved onto my lips. "Yes, very. Thank you for bringing me here, Dad. It's been so long since I last visited. I really missed our sunrises and sunsets."We used to come to this meadow at least once a week. Well, at least me, Dad and Tobias. Mom and Tess were too lazy to join every time. It was like a tradition for us. The tradition my grandfather started with Dad. But after my shifting to NY, I couldn't join Dad and Tobias anymore. "Me too, princess. Without you, our visits here
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A pair of stormy grey eyes gazed down at me, my heart skipped at the intensity in them. I tried to move but as if I didn't have any control over my body. I couldn't do anything but to watch those grey pools coming closer.Then I felt hot breath fanning on my neck, sending goosebumps across my skin. My insides squirmed with anticipation. "Mine…"Jolting awake from my sleep, I searched around for him. But there was no one. But, I felt as if someone just called me mine…Running my palms over my face, I sat up. It was just a dream.He wouldn't leave me alone even in my dreams, would he? Three days had passed since that night and my returning back to NY, and his words still haunted my sleep.Shaking my head, I glanced at the time. Shit! It's already eight! Scrambling out of the bed, I grabbed my clothes for the interview and ran inside the washroom.
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A shadow
"Come onnn, Em! You can't sit here with that gloomy face. Don't worry about the job, just ennjoy, girl! Everything will be fine," Molly, one of my college friends, slurred, leaning against the bar counter. "Here take this drink, you'll feel good."I shook my head. "I'm not in a mood. So I'd just pass."She pouted. But as I didn't drink the shot she offered to me, shrugging, she gulped it herself.Kate and John, my other friends and circle's popular couple, shook their heads at her and went back to their cuddling. We were at a local pub with our college friends. After they got to know about Warner's getting the job, they wanted to celebrate it. So here we were, enjoying the night. Except me. Too many thoughts were playing in my head to get wasted with alcohol."Here, at least drink this orange juice. It's really good, I tell you." Warner handed me a glass, sipping on his own."
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Meeting the red head
"So, that means you will stay here now that you've been transferred to this city?" Mom eyed me, stirring the soup on the stove. Her voice radiated felicity.Peeling another pea, I shrugged. "I don't know know. I'm thinking to apply for another transfer. Maybe they will consider it?"Staying here wasn't an option for me, but leaving this job, well, I couldn't take this risk. I'd dreamed to work at companies like this, and now that I finally got the chance, I couldn't just throw it away. The one thing that didn't make any sense was, Coopers Fabrics was one of the most successful textile companies, then what happened all of a sudden that they had to sell it overnight?"I didn't know you hate this city that much," she said, her tone fragile.I sighed. "I don't hate it here, Mom. It's just, I told you, all my plans are made around NY. And I can't just ignore them just like that.""Do you think I'm a fool
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