17 - Why Don't I Believe You?

In a courtyard of Leaf City's Ming Yue Sect.

It had been more than half a day since the sun had risen from the east. Now, it was already in the early afternoon. Ye Mo had been waiting for several double-hours, yet there was still no news regarding Little Yin's treatment.

To say he was worried sick would be an understatement. He had been pacing back and forth, unable to rest, the moment the elder assigned to assist him brought him to a guest courtyard to stay the night.

"Why aren't they telling me any news?"

Ye Mo, who refused to leave yet was refused to see Little Yin, was relegated to one of the spacious courtyards prepared to receive important guests.

As the Ming Yue Sect occupied a mountain range in the outskirts of Leaf City, they had hundreds of available pavilions and courtyards to be used as housing and accommodation. The size of their territory was only slightly

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