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Hello guys, i hope you give this book a try coz you will never regret reading the book

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Jodie Walters
No return to Mike...the story with Kelly & Duncan could go so much further....I'm disappointed that this book has ended when these 2 stories could be so much more!!
2023-09-01 07:56:01
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Jodie Walters
Please tell me you return to Mike! I loved that story & I need an ending for it!!
2023-08-22 22:23:50
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Hi guys ...️ New stories are coming up soon. Stay tuned
2023-05-15 15:15:09
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Ñëlly Härrïpäül
top tier ......... absolutely in love with it...️...️...️...️...️10/10
2023-03-22 01:50:37
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Merideth Baldwin
love it! ...️‍......️‍......️‍......️‍......️‍......️‍......️‍...
2023-03-14 08:34:57
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Gabriel Ombasa
the obsession ever I love it
2023-03-12 18:09:06
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Okibe Personal
i don't know what is taking you guys Time to give this novel a good ratings?
2023-03-11 05:36:42
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Jimmy Yags
great reading. one can hardly sleep when you have started
2023-08-01 10:14:36
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Bimbo tv
Really in love with this book. Thanks Author for this piece of art. ...️...️...️...️
2023-03-30 04:47:48
256 Chapters
I woke to a hot and humid day with the threat of a storm hanging in the atmosphere, and as usual I went straight for the coffee. I was soon joined by my daughter. Still in her nightie she looked like a model out of playboy. Her long tanned legs, slim and athletic body, reminding me of a younger version of her mother.The nightie was a light one suitable for the hot weather we had been having lately with Shoe string straps over her shoulders and a low front showing her budding breasts it was nearly sheer, giving glimpses of her B cup breasts. It was bordered with lace along the bottom edge that came just low enough to nearly hide the white panties she was wearing.We had as a family always been open around the house when it came to nudity and with two stunning females in the house that suited me.She sat opposite me at the meal table. "Mom still not home?" she asked as I poured a coffee for her."No," I replied, "she probably dropped in to the newsagent to get the morning paper and som
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Well, as nothing was on the box and everyone was asleep or had gone out, I thought I'd go and lie down and continue my interrupted nap, and to hell with the project, that could wait until Monday.It was only a two bedroom house now that I'd converted the third bedroom into a study, but it was all we needed. I often went to take a nap in my daughter's room during the day if she was out so as to not interrupt my wife's sleep. It was always quiet at the back of the house where her room was and she had our old Queen size bed, something that I always felt was more comfy that our new one.The day had got hotter and even more humid, so rather than sweat in my shorts and shirt I stripped down to my boxers and lay down on top of the sheet. After the wank and the boring TV I was soon asleep.Only a short time later the rain started to hit the roof with a steady pattering the sound sending me deeper into dreamland.The sound of a door opening woke me up and I opened my eyes to see my daughter st
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The shower
In a panic I looked to the bedside clock but saw that it was just 12 o'clock."If we go to the shower and be really quiet we can both get cleaned up without waking your mother." I said.We both went to kiss each other at the same time and held that kiss for a while until both of us knew that if we didn't stop now we never would.In the shower together we both experienced a special intimacy, a stronger bonding than we had ever felt before. We touched each other everywhere and soaped up everything, just loving the openness that we both felt and of course we kissed long and hard and not just on our mouths.Holding her in the shower with the hot water rinsing off the remains of the soap on our bodies, my cock slowly began to grow and stiffen between her legs. She got up on her toes, her legs trapping my erection and pressing it up against her hot snatch. "I love you Dad." She put both of her hands behind my neck and I felt her stroking my cock as she moved her hips back and forth, sliding
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Family Love
We took the lunch into the family room and ate in front of the TV. The same boring shows were still on as we cuddled on the lounge under a blanket, she in her Long T shirt and me in some loose shorts and 'T'. We were so comfy and wasted from this morning's efforts that we soon both nodded off. It was there that my wife, found us and mentioned that we both looked worn out poor things.I looked at my daughter and explained how she had got caught in the rain and when the temperature had dropped following the storm, had got cold and we both cuddled under the blanket for warmth."Stay right there I'll just get a drink and share the warmth with you, she said."I sat there, with both my girls cuddling up to me, one on each side, their heads on my shoulders and my daughter slowly slid hand on my cock under the blanket.My wife turned her head and looked up at me and kissed me on the cheek. Amy, not to be outdone did the same to my other cheek which in turn spurred my wife to kiss me on the co
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Sitting in the Jacuzzi with both girls either side of me we toasted and touched glasses saying. "Here's to us and our new love.""We'll have to keep this pretty quiet and just between ourselves," I said, "and we might need some rules like not being too overly affectionate to each other in public."Amy lowered her head down and said. "I may have mentioned that I saw you wanking off this morning to Janis." She went on hurriedly to say. "But she will keep a secret. She's my BFF and I know all her secrets too.""What's this?" Felicity said. "What happened? Come on I want it with all the salacious details."After confessing the "salacious details" to my wife about Amy catching me wanking, they both had a giggle.Felicity then said that it was the best thing that could have happened. "It made you want to go off and tell Janis and you then got caught in the storm which started you on this path were now on." She was so happy for us as a family that it had happened.We sat in the Jacuzzi chatt
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Amy's friend
Even after getting a few hours sleep I woke the next morning with a feeling of complete exhaustion. Those two girls of mine had worn me out then leaving me to sleep; they continued their loving well into the morning hours. I know this because as tired as I was I kept waking up to the moans and gyrations of my wife and daughter.Taking a deep breath I sighed remembering the loving times we had had last night.I smelled coffee stretched and went the bathroom to do the usual. Just wearing boxers I headed off to the kitchen. As I got closer I also smelled bacon. Ahhh, Saturdays, I loved Saturdays.I walked up behind my wife and cuddled her from behind. She had on a small silk robe and I slid my hands under the robe and cupped her breasts."Good morning did I tell you last night just how incredible you are?" I said."Yes you did and some other lovely things as well." she said holding her hands over mine and pulling them tight to her flat tummy."Now sit down breakfast is ready." And she se
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It was still early in the day and it hadn't had a chance to warm up yet so I headed to the study to finish the computer coding that needed work done on it. I was just finishing up and faxing the finished job off when there was a knock at the door."Daddy, are you decent?" *giggling* Amy's voice called out.The door opened and Amy and Janis entered."Cheeky buggers" I said to them and they smiled at me."So I guess Amy told you how she caught me hard at work yesterday Janis?""Well, hard defiantly." Amy said. Both of them put their hands over their mouths trying to stifle more laughter and not succeeding.I couldn't hold back either and laughed along with them.It's about lunch time. I assume Mums back and gone off to bed. "Do you two want some late lunch?""No we ate something at Janis's house." said Amy. "We're going to catch some sun in the back yard until we get too warm.""Take some sunscreen with you," I said.I got a bit of lunch and decided as I was tired from my efforts last n
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Janis 2
The girls stayed outside until mid afternoon until the weather got too hot and they went straight to Amy's room and soon I could hear the shower running and more giggles and laughter.My wife was soon up and getting a snack from the kitchen and joined me in the family room."I have a gym appointment this afternoon with Jill. Can I tell her that the girls will be sharing a dorm?""Yes it's all organised. Not long now and she will be off to Uni. I'll miss her." I said."Well the easy answer to that is to buy her that little car she has been hinting at and she can come home on the weekends if she likes. It's only an hour and a half drive."Well yes I've been thinking about that and she is a good driver. I've been looking around and think I've found the right vehicle for her. I'll give the dealer a ring and see how soon I can get the car.""Oh darling she'll just love it," Felicity said enthusiastically, and then with somewhat less enthusiasm added, "and the opportunity to bring all her l
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Jill and my wife
I heard this story from my wife after her workout at the Gym. She and Jill had a torrid session on the treadmill and the stationary bikes then did some cardio and had showers.It was in the showers that Jill started crying and told the story of how their home had a bad infestation of white ants and had to be completely fumigated and that they had to vacate the house while it was enveloped in a plastic sheet and the pests removed.Felicity tried to console her and they had got into a hug. It didn't bother them that they were both naked, and they were after all best friends after all and had often showered together at the Gym.Somehow this time was a little different as Jill was so upset Felicity stroked her friends back running her hands from her shoulders to the two top her crack of her bottom. The sounds of crying turned to that of sighing. Felicity held her tighter and kissed her again lingering after the kiss with just their lips touching gently in the way that only girls can kiss
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When I got to my room Amy was in bed and threw back the covers for me to get in. I got out of my shorts leaving me with my boxers and a T shirt. Amy had put on a T shirt but had no knickers on."Where's Janis?" I asked"She went to borrow some PJ's from my room. She is a little embarrassed about the towel incident tonight."I could see a flickering of candle light coming in the door and noted Janis only wore a long T shirt that was not quiet long enough to conceal that she wasn't wearing panties either.She got into bed on my other side and as if there was an unspoken word they both cuddled up to me at the same time Amy to my right and Janis to my left. I'd left the candle burning on the night stand.Amy lay on her side and put her hand on my stomach and her right leg over mine.I could feel the length of her near naked body cuddled at my side and my erection was instantly lifting the sheet and poking through my boxers. Hoping it would go unnoticed by the dim light I kept still."Than
Read more Protection Status