Bonus: Connor (2/3)

“I know it’s a lot to ask,” Connor started with a pained look spreading across his features, and he stared between the boys, “but Brianna being my Keeper is nothing sexual in nature. My phoenix is losing his shit wanting to feel her touch, they are super affectionate creatures and she’s connected to us, may I?” He held out his hand but the boys hesitated, “Would it be better if he was in shifted form? Once I shift back we can discuss what being my Keeper means.”

“Shifted,” Wyatt grit out through his clenched teeth. I could tell that he could feel the pull as well, but him and Alaric were having a harder time reconciling that information than Xander was. 

“Close your eyes Doll,” Connor winked at me as he started undressing, “or don’t,” he laughed wildly as the boys sco

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Michelle Whitaker
well this just got a whole lot weirder interesting but weird ...

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