"Father , Mr.Bright and I have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the survival of all the clans here in the city. I don't think the white Dragon should have anything to worry about", Ash turned to Jones who was seated on Ash chair.

"This political alliance with the Black dragon is very unlikely to stand. They will never accept our peace offerings", Jones curled his hands into a fist.

"Well, they will have a good reason to not trust us. The white dragon has been lying to them ever since the war were discovered and God knows maybe before that too. It's quite natural for them to have doubts. However, Type and I are doing everything in our power to ensure transparency and honesty among all the group's that inhabit Thailand"

"Ash is quite right", Bright walked in on the conversation.

Jones got up and greeted him with an expression of shame and guilt on his face. The last time they'd seen each other, Jones had ordered to his people's to kill Bright '.

"The White Dragon lied to the Black Dragon about the war but even we understand that we cannot live in the city without being at peace with the white dragon "

"The White Dragon is aware of the relationship you share with so . It's not unlikely that they'll view this alliance as an act of love", Jones sighed.

Ash looked at Bright and they both saw pain in each other's eyes.

"I assure you father that our personal relationship goes only as far as maintaining peace between the two group . Beyond the scope of that, Bright and I are acquaintances at best", Ash own words pinched him like a needle.

"I second, Ash. There's no way we'll let the two worlds collide, not again.", Bright came forward and gave an assuring nod.

"I don't know about the white dragon but I am proud of the way you two are handling things, Mr. Bright and Ash. Thailand has become a sensitive place ever since war decided to return and nobody could have handled the tension better than the two of you. I wish you all the best and I hope this is the foundation of permanent peace between the two worlds!", Jones smiled and shook Ash and Bright ' hands one by one.

"I'll go find Type ",he smiled and left.

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