Arrange Marriage

Arrange Marriage

By:  NeeNia  Completed
Language: English
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"Ash please it's a only way, you have to marry him" Ash took a long breath and look towards his mother. "Why"? He ask again. "Beacuse it's only a way".

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Enjoyable book~ Do you perhaps have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-07-13 19:53:38
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kashmiri k
nice book next chapter please
2021-07-13 00:47:00
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Nicole W
This is so poorly written, I'm not entirely sure all of the sentences are in English.
2021-06-02 05:58:26
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"No. This is not happening. Not in a million years"Ash turned to the Underworld Council shooting glares at all the Leaders and his brother Type. His body tensed when his eyes met Bright  who was trying to avoid looking at him  since the beginning of this week's meeting."I can't believe I am saying this but Ash  is right. In the Underworld and never to apposion got marry to make a partnership and peace  ."Bright  cleared his throat as Ash started pacing up and down the room. The war was over, and they defeated their enemy who is doing a drugs supply in their hole country , beacuse of this all the Enemy's inside the Underworld came up together ,but now everyone want to end this enemy things by starting a new relationship.It was not entirely untrue that Type, Alex , Sam  and Man had deliberately come up with a solution to push Bright  and Ash together because the rift between the two leaders was taking a toll on the bot
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"You agreed for the wedding!", Ash let himself inside Bright  Mansion and shut the door behind him."I am sure you heard of the others", Brights turned and spoke to Ash coldly. He was careful enough to not look in Ash eyes."Yeah...I am sorry for your loss. Anyways, I understand that we need to go ahead with this", Ash  rubbed his temple as he walked closer to Bright ."Indeed, we do, Ash . I just hope you know that this is strictly-""Political. I get it. I expect nothing more, I know in past I am just a game for you ", Ash shrugged as he knelt infront of Bright  and took out the wooden box Jia gave him. Bright  took a huge breath as he clutched the omamori inside his pocket."Bright , will you marry me, Ash ", Ash  took a deep breath and let it out in one go . Bright sealed his lips together and blinked a couple of times to dry his eyes that had watered up. He had imagined
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Type went ahead and hugged Bright who returned the hug with a smile on his face. The guests congratulated the newlyweds one by one and the night slowly proceeded into a reception. Bright  was pulled into the crowd by Alex and Man as Type  and Sam pulled Ash with them. Type  had had quite a few drinks that night and he was very emotional as he fidgeted with Ash wedding ring."I am so happy for you, Ash", Type  cupped Ash face and pulled him in a hug. Ash  smiled even though all this façade was making him suffocated to say the least.Bright  found Ash again after Alex and Man  were done with him."I believe we should make our position quite clear. All this drama is being done for a reason and as much as I love a good drink, I think we should get to the point"Ash  nodded and followed Bright as the two Leaders walked on the stage and asked everyone to keep quiet."Thank you
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Bright  woke up next morning when a strong breeze displaced the curtains and the sunlight shined bright in his eyes. He stretched and saw that the breeze came from the balcony whose door was open. Ash  was awake. Bright  got up and rubbed his eyes to clear his vision when he saw Ash who was adjusting his thigh holsters while it rested on the sofa. In his half-asleep state, Bright  forgot the trouble in their paradise and wanted to greet Ash when suddenly realization dawned upon him and he sighed, "Never mind". He whispered, rather loudly, attracting Ash attention. On any other day, Ash  lips usually curved into a smile seeing Bright  but today, he stared at him blankly."If I don't move in with you, people will start talking", Ash broke the silence between them."I can't move in your place with you...if that's what you're getting at", Bright  rolled his eyes. Ash gritted his teeth together and straightened himself
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"Good evening, Mr Ash. When should I expect you and your groom at the Tavern on 51?", the Manager greeted Ash as the latter made his way to his suite after his day at the Mansion."Tavern...for what?", Ash narrowed his brows."You have a table booked under your and Mr. Bright ", the Manager sighed."Of course, how can I forget!", Ash faked a smile. "I'll have a word with Mr.Bright about when we will come down for the evening...", Ash shrugged."Sure, Mr. Ash. I hope you like whatever we've planned for you!", the Manager smiled. Ash curved his lips into a forceful grin as he walked to the elevator rubbing his temple. What had he gotten himself into?Ash walked in their suite which was covered in darkness. Bright hadn't returned from his day. Ash  relaxed not finding his husband in their honeymoon suite and removed his jacket throwing it on the table. Heat
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"How did you get so drunk!", Ash complained as he dragged Bright  to the bathroom and made him sit."Alex didn't stop me...also why am I explaining this to you.", Bright complained as he started removing his rings. "Wait...I wanna throw up", Bright  stopped and vomited all over Ash chest. Ash gritted his teeth together as he rubbed Bright ' back."Great", he grumbled as his lips pressed together."Honestly, not even sorry", Bright  covered his mouth as he saw Ash struggle with his dirty shirt."YOU...come with me!", Ash pulled Bright up and dragged him to the tap. "Clean yourself", he ordered as he turned on the shower and stood below it...washing his neck and hands. Bright played with the tap water for a bit until his eyes wandered to Ash  who had removed his t-shirt and was rubbing his chest with bath gel. The sweet smell of cinnamon intoxicated Bright as he trudged to Ash and stood in front of
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"Stupid Alex", Bright croaked in his morning voice opening his eyes to the bright sunlight. He stretched and felt muscles around which is when he saw him. Ash was asleep next , one of his hands on his abdomen and the other stretched out in Bright direction. Bright found it hard to focus amidst the headache but he understood that he had spent the night sleeping on Ash arm. The embarrassment surrounded him as he rubbed his eyes trying to remember all that he had done to annoy his husband and his best friend.Ash felt the weight lift from his arm and his eyes shot open defensively. He didn't have a sound sleep because Bright woke up a couple of times because of nightmares. "Bright", he spoke automatically as he woke up. Bright was still rubbing his forehead when he heard Ash call him. "Yeah...?", he replied. "Did you have a nightmare again?", Ash asked stretching his arms."No. I just woke up", Bright muttered and got up from the bed.
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"Father , Mr.Bright and I have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the survival of all the clans here in the city. I don't think the white Dragon should have anything to worry about", Ash turned to Jones who was seated on Ash chair."This political alliance with the Black dragon is very unlikely to stand. They will never accept our peace offerings", Jones curled his hands into a fist."Well, they will have a good reason to not trust us. The white dragon has been lying to them ever since the war were discovered and God knows maybe before that too. It's quite natural for them to have doubts. However, Type and I are doing everything in our power to ensure transparency and honesty among all the group's that inhabit Thailand""Ash is quite right", Bright walked in on the conversation.Jones got up and greeted him with an expression of shame and guilt on his face. The last time they'd seen each other, Jones had ordere
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1 hour later:- "Thank you for coming", Ash  spoke as he collected the documents that were scattered on the coffee table."Of course. Also, I was at my mansion  before this and I cleaned up the guest room for your work. You can set up your office there, if you'd like. I'll put in extra care to prevent any Black dragon  from interfering with your work""I don't take work home but I'd definitely like a small place to work. And there's no place in the world that is inaccessible to you so I am just going to have to place my trust in you that you won't interfere in my life as I won't in yours", Ash shrugged."Type got your things settled in the room", Bright  tried to hide the heartbreak in his voice."Good. I'll come to the mansion  tomorrow after work. We still have one day of booking left in the Hotel", Ash  sat on his chair and opened a file.
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 "I am going to London for the week", Bright  announced to Ash as he was getting ready for the mansion. "Ok?", Ash said . He was not sure why Bright  was telling him this but he nodded anyway. "I am sure my people's won't bother you but if they do, here's the list of what they might need", Bright  handed over a long list of names and requirements. "Ok. Anything else?", Ash sipped his coffee. "No. Do you want something from London?", Bright felt angry at himself for having said something like that but he had just said it. " What would I need?", Ash asked back. Bright  gave a weak smile and leave . Ash  saw him leave. ------- "It's the White Dragon anniversary, Ash. Sound a little excited", Type exclaimed as he they walked through the hallways. "Us  anyhow don't celebrate anything. But ton
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