Man continues to pace the living room, feeling anxious. Bright sent everyone a text saying that Sia is having the baby so his living room is packed. Type takes Man hand, making her stop. "Relax, brother." "Why is it taking so long?! Is this normal?!" 

"Man, calm down. Remember how long I was in labor with Win? It takes time, she may not be ready to give birth just yet." Jia strokes Win hair with one hand and is holding Jace hand with her other. She's feeling anxious as well but is attempting to remain calm. Jace strokes the top of her hand with his thumb and looks at Micheal and Type. 

"How's Ash doing?" Man puts a hand over his head. "He's anxious, stressed, excited, and I can see that his is ok you know." Michael looks at him. "Most likely that's the hand holding Sia." There's a collective nod. The group can hear Sia yell in pain once from her room.

Bright wipes off Sia forehead, she's sweating like crazy. Ash continues to hold her hand and just talk

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