Leo starts to cry silently and Ash leaves the room with him, not wanting to yell and also to calm down the crying Little boy. Bright looks furious and gestures for them both to sit. They both comply and Michael looks at Bright

"Is Leo is not doing well?" "HOW COULD EITHER OF YOU JUST BARGE INTO MY HOME AND- Wait what did you say?" Bright looks at them both in shock. Michael rubs the back of his neck. "Bright , Richard is also not felling well these days so we thought..." The other man eyes widen and he sighs. 

"I am going to check on Leo. You both remain here and prepare to apologize to my baby." Bright leaves the room and walks to Leo Little boy room, where Ash is holding the crying boy in his lap.

"Shhh it's alright. Daddy's got you everything will be alright." Ash continues to rub comforting circles in the boy's back as Bright kneels beside them. Leo has calmed down but he still needs the comfort, even if it's not for long. Bright runs a hand through the

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