The Dilemma

6 th April 2021

The thoughts' endless chain was interrupted by Aura .

"Ma'am your pasta ."

"Aura please dust those  paintings there they look quite unkept ."

"Ok , ma'am .I will "Aura had already fetched the cloth duster tied to a stick and started dusting when suddenly she started screaming and dropped the duster .The white cloth duster was transformed to crimson colour with drops of red liquid dripping.

"Are you Okay Aura " Lily and Lisa had already rushed to the dining room.

"Call Dr.Smith soon.", She ordered .

Bella came rushing to inform her that Aura was fine physically but claimed that the duster turned red all by itself while dusting Mr.Ned Dickinson's photo frame.

She suddenly realised that it was 6th April.She went closer to Ned's photo and knelt before it.After dusting the caption became vivid "Sad demise:6/04/2016"

"Lisa bring 5 candles .We had better light them here .I also forgot to visit the cemetery this morning .Arrange for a wreath as soon as possible."She had almost started trembling and her voice was shaky.

It was 10 PM by the time the prayers ended.Father Francis was summoned for the special peace rosary.

He had given her a new Cross which he claimed would guard her.Even after the Priests left she kept chanting"Our father in heaven,holy be your name......"in her mind out of apprehensions .It was last year that Joseph her friend ,who was with her in her room,had lost his life suspiciously and she had been interrogated by the cops who later got no proper evidence for the cause of his death.

The scenes danced in front of her eyes . Joseph insisting to kiss her and she had gone with the flow the same way she had done with Ned years ago.Ned had lifted her in his lap the same way as Joseph but the moment his hands reached out for her breasts she had shaken it off. "Don't you dream to attain everything that you see Ned .I mean have you compared us?? Did you find any match??" 

"Let me remind you Nancy,it was you who extended a freindly hand first."

" I was just experimenting on the responsiveness of males to sexual stimulus.Let me tell ,you are the 21 st  object on whom I have experimented for my Thesis ."She had freed herself from the shackles of Ned's clutches.What immense satisfaction did she extract!! Watching the object craving to see more and touch more .She stayed back to look at his irritation .

"Now Nancy this is unfair .Please .. let me hold you and cuddle you once without clothes and promise I won't even look at you whole life ." 

"All males are alike first they come  close and then closer and then closest and once their wish is fulfilled they will kick you out."

"Now I won't ."

"Then prove yourself .If you succeed in not talking to any other girl for one whole year ,starting from today 6/04/2015 ,I will  surely marry you otherwise go to hell."

"It's already been  1 year long wait  today.Please don't extend my agony anymore."

"Mr.Dikinson ,let me remind you I had made myself very clear within 24 hrs of our first encounter that I don't involve in intimate relationships.If somebody wants to wait for the moon to descend whose fault is it?"

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