The Cursed Innocence

The Cursed Innocence

By:  Sofiya  Ongoing
Language: English
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A teenager's unfulfilled love story which turns out to be a curse for the surviving Partner .......dropping a curse upon all who try to attain intimacy to a higher level than could be attained by the X - lover Where all logic fails ....Where evidences suggest the existence of some paranormal force .. Could a solution be ever found for that untouched youthful beauty ??

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-04-01 12:49:13
12 Chapters
The challenge of attending a marriage
YES! she had to do it ,dress up like she used to a few years earlier,look pretty again after all it was her brother's marriage.She had to remove the voluntary tan marks from her face.She was indeed the only young pretty lass who used make up to spoil her looks so that she could diminish the intensity of the devastating effect it was bound to have on young handsome boys.DE FACTOshe was the one and only female creature of any species who was making every effort to look uninviting to the opposite sex.It was almost 5 years since she had met her brother ,the only soul she could refer to as her family .WOE BETIDE the day when their parents divorced each other and decided to divide the children amongst themselves .She had cried bitterly for many days after having had to part her mother and her brother both at the same time.To top it all she had to face the constant wrath of her new mother and her step sister. When finally her father accepted that she was no more than unsafe
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'Heyy! look at him ..the one sitting next to Vivian what say girlss? ready for another bet! if I win he will be my eleventh ',giggled ELSA .'I won't let that happen ..,see I will remove my shrug ..what do you say?'said she."I already surrender Nancy...if I was a male I would have fallen right dead .',exclaimed Maria in a subdued tone."moreover its rather insane to play with somebody's feelings when you know you are not serious.""okay miss serious you reserve yourself for Joe and only Joe and one day he will desert you."Elsa sounded quite annoyed."Don't worry ,I will be the judge to decide who attracted his attention first,Happy?""I think Vivian i.e,Mr.X has already warned Mr.Y", Whispered Nancy."Elsa had been so mean with him after all,playing the lure me game for almost a week .Which is 5 days more than the prescribed limits of our bet."Maria sounded sympathetic."Okay now stop awakening the graves from the graveyard Okay ."Elsa was a
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The Dilemma
6 th April 2021The thoughts' endless chain was interrupted by Aura ."Ma'am your pasta .""Aura please dust those  paintings there they look quite unkept .""Ok , ma'am .I will "Aura had already fetched the cloth duster tied to a stick and started dusting when suddenly she started screaming and dropped the duster .The white cloth duster was transformed to crimson colour with drops of red liquid dripping."Are you Okay Aura " Lily and Lisa had already rushed to the dining room."Call Dr.Smith soon.", She ordered .Bella came rushing to inform her that Aura was fine physically but claimed that the duster turned red all by itself while dusting Mr.Ned Dickinson's photo frame.She suddenly realised that it was 6th April.She went closer to Ned's photo and knelt before it.After dusting the caption became vivid "Sad demise:6/04/2016""Lisa bring 5 candles .We had better light them here .I also forgot to visit the cemetery this morn
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The vow and the curse
She had least expected that Ned would in reality lock himself up .Ned was so depressed that he isolated himself from the social life .This was the last thing she had expected .It was almost after two months that she discovered this .Ned had shifted to a countryside cottage and locked himself in.He had a caretaker and two guards with him. He had switched off his phone .Though he was active on Social media .He posted a message daily of how  he had sacrificed everything for his love.But she was too stiff for anything .Nothing could melt her heart.Not even his death she used to tell Elsa.Whoever met her in the University gave her a piece of their minds .Even a lady counsellor got in touch with her and explained that not all men were like her father .She should not decide how to live on the basis of others'lives.Love was a gift of God and one day she might regret her deeds.Before long she had started regretting and tried to send him greetings on Facebook but by then even his
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Ned was very delighted.He had been humming songs.A thousand years.......How lovely Nancy was ,How devilishly charming.She had sung a song for him which was still echoing in his heart."Heart beats fast.."She was an enchantress in every aspect.He had never seen so much of a young female body ,so closely ever.How teriffically challenging it had been to control his impulses .Those wizardly impulses which prompted him to help her dress slide just a little more and display the most sensual peaks of those mountains.The chocolate toppings on a creamy layer,The brown peaks over snowclad mountains ,he had had such a clear pucture as they protuded almost an inch ahead through her semi-transparent dress..He used to sweat each time he thought of them .He didn't know if all felt it but he was basically ashamed of himself to feel like performing the act which he must have carried out on his momma's boobs when he was born.Why did his mouth water ?What sort of hunger was this?He searched on i
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Vivian's story
It was almost 4 days since he saw Elsa.It was so agonising .He needed a mediator .He thought of taking Ned's help.Joe was so lucky .Maria had already accepted his proposal.Lucky guy- was having colourful days and pleasant nights.His life was a dry desert ,his body an arid land .What was the use of his intelligence ,if he couldn't use it to satisfy his body.Ned was troubled already.Nancy was talking to him sweetly but not allowing him to lay his hands on her .He decided to call Ned ."Hey Ned.These girls are showing too much attitude .I am going to form a gang and break their attitude ,wanna join it?""Bro ,I believe in waiting for my mistress' approval.I want to win her with love for a long lasting sweet relationship.""I bet she will keep you waiting all life long.""I have decided to live and die for her..She has an attitude but suits her well."Joe disconnected.He decided to deal with it himself.Elsa had first lured him and then cheated him .He called her b
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Elsa's Remorse
Elsa skipped the college that day she felt so incomplete and helpless.She felt defeated and both hated and loved her defeat at the same time.Had she been desiring for this defeat??Now she understood how agonising it was to be tantalised for a cake which one had just started consuming.She wanted to devour the whole cake.Vivian had promised to meet her again next Sunday but there were four days left.How things had changed overnight!She was transformed into a vanquished from a victor within minutes.Those minutes which she wanted to re-live hundreds of times.She felt her wound it was constantly giving her a sweet pain,reminding her of her folly.How could she be so foolish?She should have behaved better indeed.Luckily her parents were free-minded and gave her the freedom to spend her days and nights as she wished.It could even be termed as a lack of concern.Both her parents were doctors and way  too busy to scold her or advise her.She didn't change her clothes that day to kee
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The Aftermath
Vivian was so nervous.Elsa was suffering from fever since Tuesday .Her mother had taken a leave to attend her.There was no chance of meeting her or speaking to her on the phone.To top it all he had got a call from Elsa's father asking him to meet him at his hospital.What the hell! Was he going to blame him for her sickness or file a case against him? It was actually his fault he should have listened to Elsa and first sought permission from her parents,then got married legally.He was given an hour time to visit him.He was almost there...but gathering courage to go in.Finally he entered the hospital  and was asked to wait .After an hour he was summoned."So youngman ,You are Vivian? ""Yes sir""Do you like Elsa??""I do.""Would you get engaged??"Vivian couldn't believe his ears ."I hope you aren't joking ,sir""And I hope you aren't playing With my daughter.""Sir I love her dearly and she is the first and the las
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A Note to the pearls in my garland
Dear Fans, Words cannot express how immensely satisfied I feel to get every single view.Hope everyone is doing well in these troubled times, today being the 12 th day of May 2021.During this stressed situation I have made a meagre attempt to disperse the broadest spectrum of colours in your life.Though denied by majority of so called wise and sensible people Romance remains and will remain to be the dominant factor in instilling the lost spirits in us.By Nature's default lust will always remain invincible.The chariots of Venus will always carry us to our dreamworld and the cupid's arrow will continue to pierce young and old hearts alike .It is fruitless and futile trying to supress the hormonal urge which are just a part of another system of your biological self.So friends be lenient towards yourself as you should acknowledge yourself just the way you are with all your virtues and vices. In this book I have endeavoured to bring out your original natural self.In this
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On wings of Venus.
Elsa lay on her bed contemplating ,was it the right time for all this?She couldn't believe all that was happening around.She felt as if in a trance.How could she blurt out every dingle details to her mother?She didn't expect her mom to discuss it so openly to her dad .She was unable to look up at her dad who also seemed worried and tried avoiding her.She felt like a criminal and didn't know how to apologise for her folly.She had no idea what dad was going to do.She had been banned from attending her college!They said its because she is unwell but she surely was no fool to believe it
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