Elsa's Remorse

Elsa skipped the college that day she felt so incomplete and helpless.She felt defeated and both hated and loved her defeat at the same time.Had she been desiring for this defeat??Now she understood how agonising it was to be tantalised for a cake which one had just started consuming.She wanted to devour the whole cake.Vivian had promised to meet her again next Sunday but there were four days left.How things had changed overnight!She was transformed into a vanquished from a victor within minutes.Those minutes which she wanted to re-live hundreds of times.She felt her wound it was constantly giving her a sweet pain,reminding her of her folly.How could she be so foolish?She should have behaved better indeed.

Luckily her parents were free-minded and gave her the freedom to spend her days and nights as she wished.It could even be termed as a lack of concern.Both her parents were doctors and way  too busy to scold her or advise her.She didn't change her clothes that day to kee

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