Drunk Lady

Alexander left the police station and walked out.

It was 10pm at night. Night had descended.

The LED lights surrounding him were flashing. There were many people on the streets, there were old people who were dancing on the square, and there were young couples taking a walk while holding hands.


That beauty seemed drunk?

When Alexander walked by the Zero-Degree bar. He saw that there was a beauty in the front of the bar wobbling like a crab, wobbling left and right and could fall over whenever.

Based on how she was walking, she definitely had too much to drink.

Women who came to the bar to drink ... they were all looking for a sense of excitement and a release of pressure.

Alexander glanced over and decided to leave, he didn’t want to mind other people’s business.

He naturally had a dislike towards women who drink.

But in the next moment, he stood still, because he noticed two blonde good-for-nothi

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