The Alpha CEO

The Alpha CEO

By:  Kenex  Ongoing
Language: English
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Due to the mysterious disappearance of Alexander's parents, he became an abandoned son, and was sent out of the country. Years later, Alexander is back for revenge...

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I really enjoy story so far and can't wait for the next chapter!! Keep it up, author <3 Do you perhaps have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-06-25 11:17:56
22 Chapters
Bad News
Boom!! Pitch Black...Alexander's head was rumbling, everything in front of him was pitch black...The last memory Alexander had was of him releasing all of his anger after hearing that his parents were dead. As he slowly opened his eyes,he could only see a dim, blurry background.In front of him,a silhouette was moving back and forth. Next to the silhouette was a window; lightening flashed outside; brightly illuminating the room as if it were day.Alexander tried moving his body but discovered that he couldn't lift his hand;a mixture of numbness and pain has left it paralysed. It was as if his limbs didn't belong to him.He had a flashback; Before he fainted,he saw a news over the news that his parents had an accident and their body has been damaged beyond recognition.His head was in a daze;it seemed like all his memories had turned to mush.Alexander opened his eyes as much as he could,trying to figure what was going on around him."T
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Leaving The Country
The following day,Alexander sneaked out of the hospital and went to the airport since his departure has been fixed for 8am.Fortunately for him, he didn't even need to worry about the plane tickets since his parent's steward, Edward had it all sorted out.Some hours later,the plane stopped at at Metropolis Central Airport and he breathed in relief since nothing troublesome happened on the way.It seemed that Edward was reliable as he kept his departure under wraps and gave him a briefcase filled with raw cash,cards and important documents...When Alexander arrived at the Airport,he had already called his subordinate to pick him up.His plan was to go straight to an abandoned territory,create his empire and build his power...Power was necessary for him to take his revenge,He just had to subdue the local forces and get them to do his bid.Alexander believed he was a person who knows how to differentiate between right and wrong;If you were good to me,he will be good t
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Aurora Island 1
The Mansion Alexander entered was one of the many properties that belonged to his parents before the accident.As he came inside the mansion,he noticed that there were several people inside the main hall;he already assumed in his mind that there were the servants who worked for his parents in the mansion.In order words,there were his subordinates now."Young Master,We are very sorry for the loss" said a middle aged man named Frankenstein.Alexander looked towards him,it seemed like this Frankenstein was the steward for this mansion. Looking at Frankenstein, He had a domineering and handsome appearance,thick eyebrows converging close to the center of his forehead.Merely lookifng at him, Alexander inner mind screamed Danger.Frankenstein was a experienced veteran of war,he was rescued by Alexander's parents when he barely escaped the last war he was involved in.Alexander asked about the location of the mansion and discussed about his plan of building his force with Frankenst
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Aurora Island 2
Several months later, Alexander,on a Jet ski saw a small dot on the horizon,it seemed like a small deserted was more accurate to call this island a big coral area.Alexander looked at this island and felt a familiar sense.He immediately remembered where he saw this;it was the sea map that was given to him by Frankenstein. Thinking about this,Alexander didn't hesitate and took out the sea map.Indeed,the Island was exactly the same as the one on the map.However,the island was only one marker on the map.Other that the Island,there was a silver marking line which extended far into the sea.He followed the mark and looked.According to the ration,he might not be able to reach the island even in a few months time with his current speed.Because the next marker was no longer in the bay but outside ocean. There were still markers outside the bay. According to this sea map,starting from this island,he will eventually find the final destination
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An Odd Cave
As Alexander moved deeper into the cave,he saw mountains of bones;even with Alexander's ability to remain calm in tough situations,he was unable to keep calm in this situation.However, when Alexander was about to turn around and leave,his eyes unconsciously drifted to a large turf of green grass with exotic flower's fragrance permeating the atmosphere.In the center of the turf,there is a turquoise lake.Alexander was amazed looking at the scene;never would he have imagined that the front half of the cave was scattered with mountains bones and the other half a paradise.His eyes further roamed the cave;the cave was bigger than he expected.He walked over and looked over a distance,more precisely a tree,growing almost at the top of the tree was a few red-colored fruits .These red-colored fruits makes the one looking at it disoriented, fragrance from the red-colored fruits wafts through the atmosphere, mesmerizing Alexander.He didn't know what this fruit was but me
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Fortuitous Encounter
Alexander soon cleaning himself up and was about to get out of the lake when he suddenly noticed traces of flickering light coming out of the bottom of the lake, it's hard to notice when one is not paying attention, Alexander's interest was big day and a dive deeper inside the lake.Diving down a short distance into the lake, Alexander soon saw a cave entrance and jumped in without hesitation. The cave entrance blended with the lake and could not be noticed easily. It was by coincidence that Alexander even saw the cave entrance. Jumping through the Cave entrance,Alexander felt like the cave was cut off from the outside world,like it was a separate space.Alexander couldn't help but be more curious about this cave,walking along the tunnel for about 10 meters in, he came to an empty space about a few square metres wide, there is nothing inside the space and it's obvious with just a glance. Alexander was surprised because with the entirety of the space, there is only a ja
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Dragon Egg
After that Alexander turned around gazing  at the dragon egg draped in flickering light with mythical rules and mysterious characters round its body. On the slip, information about this dragon egg was limited but when it hatches,the dragon will aide its master.Alexander examined the dragon egg and was quite satisfied."Dragon egg,You will accompany me from today," Alexander said as he caresses the dragon egg.As if able to understand the meaning of his words,the light around the dragon egg shone brighter,the mythical runes and mysterious characters dazzled brighter.Seeing this, Alexander only grew fonder.Then, using the same method as Chaos ring,he dripped a few drops of blood onto the dragon egg,as the drops of fresh blood meld into the dragon egg,a bright-golden light burst out as it flew into Alexander body and a dragon tattoo appeared on his chest.Alexander placed the slip and Primordial Chaos Chant into the Chaos ring for safe keeping and prepared to
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The city lord's mansion was similar to the big families mansion back at his homeland.Looking at this scene, reminiscence appeared in his eyes.The Mansion surroundings had a man-made turquoise blue lake,lush green mountains, vibrant colourful flowers and glistening yellow stones.A few white birds slowly glided above the lake.A cool wind whistled through, making the surface of the man-made turquoise blue lake ripple, blurring the reflection of the mountain range on the water.Ae he watched this scene, reminiscence appeared in his eyes.He was absent minded as he walked towards the main hall. As Alexander stepped inside the main hall,a middle aged man walked in from one of the many rooms in the building;he had an authoritative air around him,he looked cleaned up and had a pair of white gloves,like a noble man who had just gotten out of a carriage. Silently,he stared at the young man with a solemn look.From the soldier's words,this middle
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Aurora Headquarters
---Aurora City---A month later,Emin and Alexander arrived at Aurora City.This was the capital of Aurora Island.It was where Aurora Headquarters was located and also where Aurora forces were mostly concentrated.Standing outside the massive port building, Alexander couldn't help but look at the massive building in awe.At the center of the big building,the word 'landport' was written in a thick and gigantic manner for all to see.Again,at the front of the building,he could see a massive strange flag hanging around the building.......(Obviously this was Aurora's Island national flag). He kept turning around and guffawed in astonishment as he and Emin moved forward,This place had an ancient and yet not an ancient look.And just when they got close to the huge glass doors, magic happened.'Shoop!' The door opened on its own.Of course Alexander knew the doors could open due to sensor systems which were p
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Time To Go Home
---District A,Airport Region,Aurora City---A convoy of black cars drove swiftly on the road,speeding at a shocking speed across the highway.Passersby were shocked by the sudden outburst of speed showcased by this black cars.The lineup of this convoy was extravagant:Five Rolls-Royce,each of the latest model;Two 2020 Rolls Royce phantoms,Two 2020 Rolls Royce wraith and one 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost.Each of this cars cost atleast $300,000 dollars.Each of these cars were rarely seen in the city but all of a sudden there were five of these unique and expensive cars seen across the highway. As the passersby saw this lineups,they were astonished,"Who in the world has this expensive convoy?""Who is this Young Master that is spending money lavishly?"If Alexander was to listen to their thoughts,he would have been depressed.This was the convoy that Jeremy prepared for him to take him out.How was he to know that this conv
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