Time To Go Home

---District A,Airport Region,Aurora City---

A convoy of black cars drove swiftly on the road,speeding at a shocking speed across the highway.

Passersby were shocked by the sudden outburst of speed showcased by this black cars.

The lineup of this convoy was extravagant:Five Rolls-Royce,each of the latest model;Two 2020 Rolls Royce phantoms,Two 2020 Rolls Royce wraith and one 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost.

Each of this cars cost atleast $300,000 dollars.Each of these cars were rarely seen in the city but all of a sudden there were five of these unique and expensive cars seen across the highway.

As the passersby saw this lineups,they were astonished,

"Who in the world has this expensive convoy?"

"Who is this Young Master that is spending money lavishly?"

If Alexander was to listen to their thoughts,he would have been depressed.This was the convoy that Jeremy prepared for him to take him out.How was he to know that this conv

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