Chapter 14

When the morning of that day comes, unexpectedly the king’s messenger arrives in the Purple Garden, not only for Consort Sumerie who receives summonses regularly but also for Elysia, the youngest princess whom the king has overlooked for many years.

Elysia does not remember the last time she was invited to the court. Even for the announcements such as about the newest consort, apparently, Issaharic has not considered her relevant. This surprise makes Elysia anxious: she can’t help worrying if the king has found out her secret because of her recent activities.

What is more unusual is this is not a regular court meeting, as the summons hardly gives them any time to prepare before they set off to the king’s castle. Along the route to the palace, followed by their guards, both Elysia and Sumerie are silent, which is out of character for the latter and thus makes her even more anxious.

Upon entering the cavernous throne room, their guards remaining outside, Sumeri

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