Wrong Start

"When I said hunting..." Leticia had continued, putting down the cloak before she fixed her eyes on the demon girl. "...I mean demon hunting. I hunt demons for sport. Demons like you."

The demon girl fisted her hands by her side. "I would love to see you try!"

"You would not sell much in the market because you are a bit skinny." Leticia went on, weighing the sword in her hand and throwing it from one palm to the other without taking her eyes off the demon girl. "But I might be in need of a runner. You will be my errand demon."

The demon girl snapped and charged at her. Leticia brought her sword up and smiled, taking careful steps backwards as adrenaline burned through out her veins. She knew for sure she was going to love this exercise, the last time she had to train was two days ago but it seemed like eternity. She was not used to staying a long while without exercising her arms and see could not train herself by fighting the trees, no, that was a waste. She saw the demon
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