Hunter's Chorus

Hunter's Chorus

By:  Harriet Ifeanyi  Completed
Language: English
16 ratings
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Liam's knees gave way at the sight of Leticia strapped to a slanted table .......... He had come late. He had come very, very late. * * * * * * In a world ruled by Angels and demons, humans have become the hunted and have to go into hiding but when Leticia's brother goes missing, she has to risk being caught and go out in search of him and that's when she stumbles upon a broken Angel who is not so willing to bond with a human again. She holds many secrets which she herself is unaware of and she does not know what she actually is but the demons do and when they start coming for her, there is a terrible twist as secrets unfolds and soon, it becomes more than just a fight for power as the secrets threaten to swallow them one after the other. Will the humans survive the inevitable and will balance return? Or will it be the end of the human race?

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default avatar
waoh, the blurb totally got my attention, no kidding!
2023-06-03 04:59:23
user avatar
Lucia Love
Am hooked. This is something totally different.
2021-07-29 17:29:55
user avatar
I got totally hooked, a very beautiful and captivating read. ...
2021-07-28 17:13:03
user avatar
Megan Walker
The book's title is really captivating, plus you painted Liam too hot to ignore😉
2021-07-06 19:31:27
user avatar
Unique Julian
"in a world ruled by demons..." I just want to know more🤗
2021-07-06 19:26:45
user avatar
Precious Samuel
And she finally decided to complete the book! After years! I'm going to enjoy reading!
2021-07-06 19:23:58
user avatar
Princess Josephine
The second chapter got me hooked! 😋
2021-07-06 19:21:15
user avatar
Rita Fabian
I feel like this story is going to need a next part, it really is an awesome read❤️
2021-07-06 19:17:10
user avatar
Joy Alex
Paranormal adventure, I love it already
2021-06-09 12:36:41
user avatar
Praise King
Been long I read about an Angel 😏 this should be good. Nice one author
2021-06-09 12:34:26
user avatar
Evan Splash
This is one awesome piece of work! 💯
2021-06-09 12:30:49
user avatar
Balogun Muhammed
Firstly it's Harriet, then you have angels and demons. Surely you'll be amazed. Enjoy your reading...
2021-06-03 20:36:21
user avatar
William Law
Paranormal!! Nice
2021-06-03 15:43:48
user avatar
Great Ayomide
Wow, this looks promising...
2021-06-03 15:39:15
user avatar
Harriet Ifeanyi
my second book! This one has been pending for years now but I decided to get into it. please leave a review as you read x🤗❣️
2021-05-20 00:45:35
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41 Chapters
Susan stumbled over the front steps as she approached the ancient wooden door of the lone house which sat at the end of the road, completely surrounded by nothing but over grown grasses and darkness, wrapped entirely in the shrewd mystery of made up stories and haunting myths. She gasped and caught the steps with one hand to keep herself from completely falling over and she quickly regained her composure, glancing over her shoulder, she could see the flash lights, she could see the dark outlines of the people chasing after her and calling out her name, they weren't far behind now, she needed to get away from them. She hugged the small bundle she carried on her chest and frantically pulled at the thick vines which had wrapped around the door, serving as a barricade, they snapped easily like weather-aged ropes and as she pushed the door open, one of the hinges gave way and the door on the left tipped and landed upright on the wooden floor with a loud bang, raising the dust bu
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How it all began
According to the all scriptures ever written and ever found, and according to our wide and still growing knowledge, even those passed down from generations of old and according to how we had come to be, it was a very well known and a clearly stated fact that the Earth belonged to us, it and everything in it. It was ours, humans, we alone ruled over the Earth and possessed every thing in it and we had done so for as long as time could permit us to remember existing. We had taken full control and exercised our dominance proudly over every area of the Earth. We were smart, we were powerful, we were wise and we were becoming too much so we wanted more and in our arrogance we thought we could have it all and truly we almost did and yes that was how and why the world which we had then, the world which we had asserted our full control over became like this; the world which we know as of now. The world we no longer owned.It was now a broken world ruled by a few corrupted Angels
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Smokes was a noisy place, it was always so noisy and always so full, most especially during the evening times and all through the night. It was such a place for demons and night creatures, a place where they came to unwind and sort of relax but then there was almost nothing relaxing about Smokes. The over crowded and noisy place brought in the heat which contrasted sharply with the cool weather just outside the doors but the heat was welcoming for the demons, to them it was relaxing, even the awful smell emanating from the scaly and hideous bodies of these demons, they considered that relaxing too.Situated by the edge of the southern forest, Smokes was a place which welcomed all creatures into its overly warm abode, but it was not a place which all the creatures welcomed and asides from the demons who trooped in every night for the ironically relaxing atmosphere, no other creature came here to relax, it was either for business or... actually only for business. It was so for all
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To see a human outside in the open was not something one would see every now and then as the humans had long gone into hiding and they hid perfectly well, so well that no other creature knew of their hiding place. But they did not always stay in their hiding place, they could not always stay. Surviving meant staying alive, and staying alive meant eating, to eat you need to have food, and to have food you will need to hunt, hunting always brought them out of hiding but not all of the humans came out during the hunting time.They had scouts, they had groups, made of the finest and well trained fighters that they had, the quietest and stealthiest of them because coming out meant you were in danger of being spotted by the scavenging demons which roamed the forest and flew above the empty lands, their very sharp eye sight could easily spot any thing moving down below and that could easily put the hiding place of the humans in danger of being discovered. Night time was the only time th
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Human In The Forest
The wind blowing in though the windows whistled lightly, the curtains swayed gently in the soft breeze and all seemed calm and peaceful and cold and quiet. It was much too quiet to be normal, he reasoned, even the crickets remained quiet. True that every other night had been like this, it had always been like this during the past nights but he did not know why he was feeling so uneasy this night, it was a rather strange feeling which he did not welcome and he wanted it to go away. If his instincts were right, something unpleasant was being cooked up and he was sure it would be happening very soon, and very close by too. He straightened up from his leaning position against the door and sharpened up his senses, his instincts were always never wrong.The room in which he stood in was small - for him, that is - but it was just the right size of cute for the human child whom he was watching over as she slept calmly and peacefully in her princess modelled pink bed. Pasted all around th
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Leticia was startled awake by the sudden 'woosh' of air caused by the Angel flying away and the cloak which he had placed over her to cover her was partially blown off her body and along with it, the debris of broken sticks and dead leaves which littered the forest floor. She laid still and unmoving on the ground for a while, with her eyes open and staring straight to the sky and to the tree tops. What had just happened? Had she seen right? For the first time ever, she had come so very close to a creature which she had only heard of from people and which she had only read in books, she had seen an Angel. She almost could not believe it.She had seen an Angel!She sprang up to a sitting position and that was when she noticed the cloak on her, it must have belonged to him, the Angel, she was convinced of this because the stench of alcohol was very strong on it. He must have been drinking the night before and had wandered aimlessly into this forest before passing out here in the
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Liam dropped down noisyly to the ground, his huge wings flapped once before folding up behind him. He had skipped going to the lake and rather chosen to go to the waterfall instead, standing under the falling water was much better than dunking yourself in a lake. He was already shirtless and he did not bother taking off his pants before stepping into the water. The water here was really shallow, reaching only up to his knees, he walked under the water fall, welcoming the cascading coolness that washed over him, it felt refreshing on his skin. Closing his eyes he tried to drown out his thoughts but he could not, the dark image of Renard constantly played in his subconscious, this corruption had spread faster than anything he had imagined and he did not know why he was feeling pity towards him, he had after all, chosen the path he was on now and he would face it himself. But what had made him change? He knew one of the reasons was power. Renard had always been an Angel who en
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Wrong Start
"When I said hunting..." Leticia had continued, putting down the cloak before she fixed her eyes on the demon girl. "...I mean demon hunting. I hunt demons for sport. Demons like you."The demon girl fisted her hands by her side. "I would love to see you try!""You would not sell much in the market because you are a bit skinny." Leticia went on, weighing the sword in her hand and throwing it from one palm to the other without taking her eyes off the demon girl. "But I might be in need of a runner. You will be my errand demon."The demon girl snapped and charged at her. Leticia brought her sword up and smiled, taking careful steps backwards as adrenaline burned through out her veins. She knew for sure she was going to love this exercise, the last time she had to train was two days ago but it seemed like eternity. She was not used to staying a long while without exercising her arms and see could not train herself by fighting the trees, no, that was a waste. She saw the demon
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Leticia gripped the sword in her hands tightly, her eyes fixed on the Angel Liam and the demon girl who seemed to know each other pretty well, she took a step back and watched them."Liam?" Phidian called in surprise."What is going on here?" He asked, directing his question to Phidian. Throwing a glance off his shoulder, he sighted Leticia backing off slowly from them. He had not been thinking straight when he landed with his back to her and his wings dangerously close to her, he could have lit her up like a dry wood in a camp bonfire."I came here for you but found her instead." Phidian took a step to the side so she could see Leticia. "And then what happened? You girls were in each other's throats." He turned now to look at Leticia who threw her face away from him, clearly she was upset about something. He faced Phidian again when she started speaking."She said you both spent the night together, is that what had happened Liam?""We..." He started but paus
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Leticia was screaming her voice away, causing her throat to hurt and her eyes were tightly shut, she had grabbed on to Liam body with a death grip, since the Angel was not putting on any upper body cloth, with her fingers digging into his skin. She was very scared of heights, her head was spinning, she felt the wind blowing against her, she heard the flapping of his wings, she felt his hands which firmly gripped her around her waist and the under of her knees. She screamed louder, begging him to set her down on the ground because it felt like he was not able to hear her until he screamed for her to quiet down. She had done so almost immediately, her heart was beating so rapidly, she felt that it would soon burst out of her rib cage and out of her chest."I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Please do not drop me, I'm so scared. Do not drop me." She continued to plead but without shouting."I won't drop you." She heard him say and she partially calmed down but dared not to open he
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