Leticia gripped the sword in her hands tightly, her eyes fixed on the Angel Liam and the demon girl who seemed to know each other pretty well, she took a step back and watched them.

"Liam?" Phidian called in surprise.

"What is going on here?" He asked, directing his question to Phidian. Throwing a glance off his shoulder, he sighted Leticia backing off slowly from them. He had not been thinking straight when he landed with his back to her and his wings dangerously close to her, he could have lit her up like a dry wood in a camp bonfire.

"I came here for you but found her instead." Phidian took a step to the side so she could see Leticia. 

"And then what happened? You girls were in each other's throats." He turned now to look at Leticia who threw her face away from him, clearly she was upset about something. He faced Phidian again when she started speaking.

"She said you both spent the night together, is that what had happened Liam?"

"We..." He started but paus
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