Sky tightly grips my hand, like he's afraid I'm going to run away or something. In all honesty I'm also scared, if the Rosemont sisters came all this way to talk, it must be very important and it their world it could also mean very dangerous. They didn't even take the time to go and change out of their uniforms.

"What is it?" I ask, trying to ignore my heart hammering against my rib cage.

As usual Amelia is the first to speak up. "I'm sorry Heaven but we have some bad news."

"What happened?" I don't know if I can handle anymore bad news.

"It's James....."

"He's dead, I know." I interrupt her, relieved that it's not something serious. I mean him dying is serious, especially if it's part of some elaborate plan for a reunion on Aurora's part, but it's at least something I already knew.

"You know?" Amelia is surprised.

"Yes." I

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